4 Teasing Techniques That Will Help You Get Her Going For Sex

These teasing techniques are sure going to get her sexually aroused.

These teasing techniques are sure going to get her sexually aroused.

A woman’s sexual arousal level basically influences how your lovemaking session will turn out.

It’s either your lover will have an amazing time while you’re doing the deed between the sheets or perhaps she won’t find the whole thing pleasurable at all.

But the thing is you’re just noticing that even your A-game moves aren’t hitting their mark when you’re trying to heat up your lover in bed these days.

There’s no need to worry just yet though. Here are a few useful techniques that you can use that will really boost your chances of pulling it off…

Teasing Technique #1: Make your text messages risqué.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly believe, getting a woman sexually aroused isn’t just about stimulating a woman’s erogenous zones properly until she’s good and ready for some sexual action.

At its simplest, sexual arousal basically starts as soon as her brain activates the hormone-producing glands to churn out positive hormones.

You can easily do these by sending her naughty and kinky text messages describe what you’ll do to her as soon as you two get alone. You can email her your graphic descriptions, too.

Teasing Technique #2: Blindfold her while the action’s going on.

Anticipation is very important when you’re looking to get your partner sexually aroused. And just imagine how much she’ll anticipate when she won’t even have the slightest clue what your next move will be?

Teasing Technique #3: Deliberately mislead her.

Some guys tend to inform their lovers ahead what erogenous zone they will focus on during foreplay, which will make their partners already expect what they will be on for when foreplay is taking place.

You can intentionally mislead her in terms of what spot you’re going to pleasure. For example, you can tell her that you’ll suck her nipples, but you’re going to gently rub her clitoris instead. There are practically countless ways you can do this as well.

Teasing Technique #4: Change your pace and rhythm in the middle of foreplay.

When she’s already moaning and writhing in pleasure, make it a point to go slower or faster to slightly disrupt the pace and rhythm of your foreplay session.

This doesn’t just heighten the pleasurable sensations that your lover will feel, but also make her more excited as you go along since she won’t have the slightest clue what you will do next or how things will go.

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