Surefire Foreplay Pointers You should Always Have In Your Checklist

Make your foreplay sessions even more awesome with these pointers.

Make your foreplay sessions even more awesome with these pointers.

If you’re anything like most guys, you probably have foreplay in your sexual checklist to make sure that your lover is really good and ready for action between the sheets.

Now while you may already have a few tried and proven foreplay techniques up your sleeve that can easily get your partner in the mood for sex, here are some tips that you can add to your roster to really knock her socks off…

Awesome Foreplay Pointer #1: Keep your bedroom in apple pie order.

I know you’re wondering why this is one’s on the list, but keeping in mind to clean and organize your bedroom as often as you can help make your lover feel more comfortable and relaxed when you’re already getting it on in bed.

See, the more relaxed and comfortable a woman is, the more her brain is stimulated to produce and release positive hormones that get her ideally sexually aroused and allow her to experience the pleasurable sensations that she wants while at it.

Awesome Foreplay Pointer #2: Go painstakingly slow.

Now while I’m sure that you’d like to get at it as soon as you get the opportunity, making it a point to go as slow and easy as you can is a great idea to give her an awesome foreplay session.

See, the slower and easier you go, the more sensitive she will become to your stimulation, which will make it easier for you to give her an orgasm or two as you go along. Only take your rhythm up a notch when you notice that she couldn’t take it any longer.

Awesome Foreplay Pointer #3: Don’t focus on one erogenous zone.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably concentrate on the clitoris and nipples during foreplay. However, you’re simply missing out on a lot of pleasurable sensations when you do this.

Remember that there are numerous erogenous zones in your lover’s body, aside from the nipples and clitoris. You’ve also got the back of the neck, the inner thighs, the wrists, the mons pubis as well as the abdomen. Make it a point to give them the TLC they deserve.

Awesome Foreplay Pointer #4: Use words to heighten her sexual pleasure.

Don’t be silent when you’re getting busy during foreplay. Tell her how hot she makes you while you pleasure her erogenous zones. Make her feel like she’s the most beautiful and most desirable woman in the planet.

You’ll just be surprised how much she will be enjoying the experience in the process.

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