4 Dating Tips That You Should Always Keep In Mind

Boost your chances of acing a date with these tips.

Boost your chances of acing a date with these tips.

Unlike what a lot of so-called “pickup artists” are saying nowadays, impressing a woman on a date isn’t about putting on the most ridiculous outfit you can get your hands on as well as acting self-important to give her the notion that you’re the alpha male.

However, I’ve learned a few useful things during my extensive research into the female psychology that may just help boost your chances of acing your next date.

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Picking the venue is critical.

Now while most guys mistakenly think that their odds of acing a date become much higher if they go for the most expensive place that they can find, doing just that will actually lead to the opposite.

Ultra-posh venues will simply make a woman feel that she’s on a job interview instead of a date and that will definitely affect things in a great way.

Make it a point to let her in on the planning and organizing of your date instead. Besides having a clue of where she’s really like to have it, you’ll also make her feel that you’re really into her.

Grooming is an essential.

Making sure that you look and smell great is a must if you’re hoping to dazzle a woman on a date.

Apart from keeping in mind to take a long shower and getting rid of excessive facial hair, slapping on some deodorant and picking clothes that are not just comfortable, but also suitable for the occasion should also be in your checklist.

Having a spritz or two of light cologne also helps.

Talk about simple stuff.

Some guys mistakenly think that talking about complicated things during a date makes the women they are going out with that they’re smart. But the thing is this will just bore or even annoy her as you go along.

You can ask her about her favorite TV shows, pets, books, cartoon characters and similar stuff. The simpler, the better. And you’ll encourage her to open up more as long as you use this strategy, too.

Listen to her intently.

Listening is key when it comes to acing a date. Apart from making her feel that you’re really interested with what she’s saying, hanging on to her every word also helps ease whatever anxiety she’s feeling at the moment.

(Now we’ve got that covered, switching your phone off is also a smart idea during the same.)

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