First Date Mistakes That Can Ruin The Whole Thing In No Time

Avoid these mistakes!

Avoid these first date mistakes!

Acing a first date is tough. There’s no more straightforward way of saying this.

Unlike what a lot of so-called “dating gurus” are saying though, pulling the whole thing off is more than just looking and smelling good as well as choosing a posh restaurant to take her to on the big night (or day).

Boosting your chances of really wowing a woman on a first date also involves keeping clear from mistakes that can easily ruin the whole thing in no time. Interestingly, a lot of men seem to overlook these things as well.

So if you’d like to increase your odds of convincing her to say yes to another date with you, here are a few things that should avoid when you take a woman out for the first time…

Don’t forget to let her in on the planning.

Most guys mistakenly think that planning and organizing a first date is solely their job. Sure this may give a woman the notion that you’re a take charge guy with initiative, but you won’t know if the details you put in will be to her liking.

Make it a point to ask her where she’s like to go on your date. This also includes the food and drink you will order while at it. Doing this makes her feel that you’re really into her, too, which earns you extra brownie points in the process.

The conversation should be trivial.

Discussing complicated stuff will only give her the notion that she’s in a job interview instead of a first date. She’d want to bolt out of there when you do this. Keep things trivial and you’ll be alright.

Keep your mobile phone in silent mode.

Nothing irks a woman more during a first date than a man who seems to check his phone every minute or two. Sure the temptation to check if you’ve received a text or a voice message, you will just make her feel that you’re bored and wishing you’re anywhere else at the moment.

Make it a point to post those tweets and updates later as well because they will just annoy her. This also applies to other gadgets that you may have like tablets and mp3 players.

No alcohol allowed.

Unlike what a lot of men think, alcohol may give you a boost of courage, but it will also affect the way you think and act on a first date. Save your favorite brew for later even if it’s your date that made the first move to order one.

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