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So you'd like to approach women more successfully...

So you’d like to approach women more successfully…

Imagine yourself chilling in a bar and you see this attractive woman that you’d like to know better.

Unlike what so-called “dating gurus” are recommending though, simply waltzing in her direction and making her feel that you’re the alpha male isn’t going to cut it.

So if you’re looking to approach women more successfully, here are a few easy ways to pull off just that…

Move toward her where she can see you.

Some men tend to overlook the fact that women will find it really creepy if they are approached from behind or from another direction that they are going to be blindsided.

This is because it gives them the notion that your intentions are rather questionable, which easily raises her anxiety levels.

No matter how much you took care of your grooming or perhaps fine-tuned your conversational cheat sheet, she won’t be that happy to see you or eager to exchange ideas with you when you do this.

Make it a point to always come close to her where she can see you from the side or from the front.

Do not ask permission to talk to her.

Although it may be the more gentlemanly way of approaching a woman, asking permission to talk to her easily puts you at a disadvantage.

Besides giving her the notion that you are at her mercy and she can say no to you right from the get go, it also makes her feel that you are not that confident about yourself, which is a big turn off among women.

You can kick things off by telling her your name and your favorite drink or some other trivial stuff about you.

Sure this may sound simplistic, but women are more comfortable with simple and trivial things. And the chances that you’re going to encourage her to talk are going to be much higher while at it, too.

Accentuate with gestures, but don’t be touchy-feely.

Now while it’s alright to make a point with gestures, keep in mind not to be touchy-feely in the process because this will only make a woman feel that you’re invading her privacy.

This triggers a rush of negative hormones in her body and you’re going to lose your chance right then and there.

A smarter option would be to wait for the woman you’re engaging to initiate the touching herself. Apart from signaling that she is starting to build rapport with you, it also means she is attracted to you.

So you want to make anal sex more enjoyable for her...

So you want to make anal sex more enjoyable for her…

Now here’s the situation…

You finally convince your lover to have anal sex with you. If you’re anything like most guys, chances are it’s a dream come true because doing it in the backdoor is definitely an item in your sexual bucket list.

But the thing is that making her enjoy the whole thing isn’t just about sticking your thing in her anus and start thrusting like you see in porn movies.

So if you’re looking to give her a pleasurable time when you enter her from behind, here are a few simple tips to help you pull it off…

Anal Sex Tip #1: Get her as sexually aroused as you can.

Your partner’s sexual arousal can easily make or break your chances of making her enjoy anal sex.

A woman has to get and kept totally sexually aroused the whole time or else she won’t really find anal action as pleasurable as you want it to be for her.

Keep in mind to really heat her up before even thinking about making a beeline for her anus.

Anal Sex Tip #2: Inform her that you’re going in.

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of men seem to make when it comes to anal sex is simply going ahead and putting their members inside their partners’ anuses during lovemaking.

Besides being very annoying, “accidentally” sexually penetrating her in the backdoor can be really uncomfortable to the point of being painful for her as well.

And chances are you’re not going to convince her to say yes to anal sex again when you do this, too.

Anal Sex Tip #3: Have lots and lots of lube ready.

Unlike the stuff you see in porn, you’ve got to have a lot of lubrication on hand for anal sex. You need to reapply as soon as you feel that things are not as smooth when you began your backdoor action.

And while we’re on the subject, going for water-based lubricants is a much smarter option since they’re much smoother on her lady bits.

Anal Sex Tip #4: Let her set the pace.

Sure the temptation to get fast and furious as soon as you get the chance  is very high during anal sex, but doing just that is going to make the experience uncomfortable for her.

Make it a point to let her call the shots when it comes to anal action and you’ll be surprised how much easier she’ll find it enjoyable.

Avoid these mistakes!

Avoid these first date mistakes!

Acing a first date is tough. There’s no more straightforward way of saying this.

Unlike what a lot of so-called “dating gurus” are saying though, pulling the whole thing off is more than just looking and smelling good as well as choosing a posh restaurant to take her to on the big night (or day).

Boosting your chances of really wowing a woman on a first date also involves keeping clear from mistakes that can easily ruin the whole thing in no time. Interestingly, a lot of men seem to overlook these things as well.

So if you’d like to increase your odds of convincing her to say yes to another date with you, here are a few things that should avoid when you take a woman out for the first time…

Don’t forget to let her in on the planning.

Most guys mistakenly think that planning and organizing a first date is solely their job. Sure this may give a woman the notion that you’re a take charge guy with initiative, but you won’t know if the details you put in will be to her liking.

Make it a point to ask her where she’s like to go on your date. This also includes the food and drink you will order while at it. Doing this makes her feel that you’re really into her, too, which earns you extra brownie points in the process.

The conversation should be trivial.

Discussing complicated stuff will only give her the notion that she’s in a job interview instead of a first date. She’d want to bolt out of there when you do this. Keep things trivial and you’ll be alright.

Keep your mobile phone in silent mode.

Nothing irks a woman more during a first date than a man who seems to check his phone every minute or two. Sure the temptation to check if you’ve received a text or a voice message, you will just make her feel that you’re bored and wishing you’re anywhere else at the moment.

Make it a point to post those tweets and updates later as well because they will just annoy her. This also applies to other gadgets that you may have like tablets and mp3 players.

No alcohol allowed.

Unlike what a lot of men think, alcohol may give you a boost of courage, but it will also affect the way you think and act on a first date. Save your favorite brew for later even if it’s your date that made the first move to order one.

Is she getting annoyed because you're coming too soon in bed these days?

Is she getting annoyed because you’re coming too soon in bed these days?

If you’re anything like most men, chances are you’d like to last for as long as you can when you and your lover are at it between the sheets.

Apart from giving your partner a sex session she won’t forget anytime soon, the pleasurable sensations that you’re also going to experience while at it will be very amazing.

However, you’re simply noticing that your ability to last long in the bedroom these days is dipping down. And it’s already getting you worried.

But before you get your hands on pills, creams and other artificial stuff that claim to get the job done, let’s have a quick rundown on the possible reasons why you’re coming too soon nowadays…

You’re going too fast.

Sure this may sound simplistic, but the pace you’re setting while you’re getting in action in bed with your lover will significantly affect the time you’re going to ejaculate.

See, the brain gauges when to activate your orgasmic and ejaculatory responses by measuring the amount of positive hormones that are present in your body. If it detects that you’ve got enough in your body, you’ll come.

Keep in mind to get things as slow and easy as you can and you will be fine.

You think you’re going to come too soon.

Sexual arousal is set off by the production and release of positive hormones in the body. As soon as you have an ideal amount in your system, you’ll be ready for action between the sheets.

But the thing is something happens when you think that you’re going to come too soon in the process. The brain is stimulated to churn out negative hormones that only do the opposite of their positive counterparts.

Make it a point to think positive while you’re at it!

You only focus on your pleasure.

One of the key reasons why some men tend to drop their load sooner than they’d like to is not concentrating on their partner’s pleasure. Sexual penetration is one thing, but really taking care of business is another.

Remember the previous item we went over with? An overload of pleasure levels for you will make your brain activate your orgasmic and ejaculatory responses faster.

Why not concentrate more on your lover’s pleasure while at it? Remember that her chances of reaching the Big O again and again will be higher this way as well. (Here’s a surefire foreplay tip that will help you get the job done.)