First Date Don’ts That You Should Always Keep In Mind

Keep clear from these first date no-no's!

Keep clear from these first date no-no’s!

Unlike what a lot of so-called “dating gurus” are saying these days, there are no magic words or gestures that can instantly make you ace a date.

And you can easily blow your chances of convincing a woman to go out with you again if you follow their whole “dress in loud colors” and “act like the alpha male” routine as well.

However, I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that there are a few key mistakes that can prevent your date from really getting comfortable and establishing a connection with you.

Let me explain what I mean…

Don’t plan the whole thing yourself.

If you’re anything like most guys, you probably want to put together all the details of your first date yourself. Besides picking the venue, you’d also like to take charge of the food and drinks as well as the activities that the both of you will do while at it.

However, you are actually missing out on a lot when you do this.

Making it a point to get your date’s perspective on things won’t just give her the notion that you really care about her, but it’s also a way of ensuring that she will like the fruits of your efforts.

And it’s a simple strategy to have a clue of the things the woman you’re going on a date with also likes, which means more extra brownie points for you.

Don’t forget to wear clean shoes.

Women simply have a fascination with footwear in general, especially shoes. And showing up on your first date with a dirty pair is surely going to affect your chances of scoring a second one almost instantly.

This is because you won’t just make her think that you’re irresponsible, but also not that conscious with your grooming, which is also a key factor when it comes to wowing a woman on a first date.

Sure you may think that you already look and smell like a million bucks, but if your shoes don’t cut it, you’ll lose that second date.

Don’t be touchy feely.

Now while you can easily make a point across or emphasize an idea by doing a gesture or lightly touching your date, overdoing the whole thing is just going to lead to disaster.

Remember to keep your hands to yourself while at it. You’ll know that she’s already relaxed with you when she’s doing the touching herself.


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