3 First Date Mistakes A Lot Of Guys Seem To Overlook

Keep clear from these commonly overlooked dating mistakes!

Keep clear from these commonly overlooked dating mistakes!

When it comes to first dates, acing the whole thing is no doubt the most important goal of all.

Sure you may already have an idea of how to keep your grooming up to par or knowing which place to take a woman to really wow her, but convincing her to go a second date with you is much more than that.

So if you’re looking to ace your first date and make her say yes to a second one, here are a few commonly overlooked dating mistakes that you should keep clear of…

You don’t include her when planning your date.

A lot of men mistakenly think that organizing a first date is solely their responsibility. Getting the woman you’re going out with involved when it comes to planning the whole thing is a very smart move.

Keeping in mind to call or text her and ask her opinion where to go, what food to order or perhaps what drink she prefers should be on your checklist.

Besides making a woman feel that you’re really into her, getting her opinion about this and that about your date also gives you an idea of the stuff she likes, which will definitely help you dazzle her as you go along.

You talk about technical stuff.

Some guys believe that talking about complicated things during a first date will help them impress a woman. But the thing is it will only lead to the opposite because she will just think that you’re trying too hard.

(Hogging the discussion also results to the same.)

And your date won’t turn out as you expected when she clams up. Besides making her feel bored and anxious, the negative hormones that will be released during the same will bring on more unpleasant effects sooner than you think.

Keep in mind to only talk about trivial things like her favorite book, the name of her first pet or perhaps what her favorite ice cream flavor is. I know these topics may not sound as impressive, but they will definitely get the job done.

You get romantic right on the get go.

See, women see first dates as opportunities for them to make friends and expand their social network.

Getting into a romantic mood the first time you go out with a woman won’t just make her feel awkward, but also give her the notion that you’re creepy. And when that happens, you probably already know how you’ll fare when you ask her out again.

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