Why Your Erections Are Weakening

Here are a few key reasons why you're going off too soon in bed these days...

Here are a few key reasons why you’re going off too soon in bed these days…

Chances you value your erections highly. Come to think of it. If you’re not able to get rock hard when the action’s getting hot between the sheets, you are definitely going to miss out on a lot in terms of sexual pleasure, right?

However, you’re noticing that the strength and intensity of your erections are getting rather weak these days.

This doesn’t mean that you’re already on your way to losing them completely like some so-called “sex experts” are saying though. You don’t have to grab creams, pills and other artificial stuff that claim to help you rise up to the occasion either.

There’s a big possibility that you’re just making the following erection-sapping mistakes…

You eat a lot of oily and salty food.

Now while I am not saying that you should not eat salty and oily food ever again, making them a mainstay in your regular diet can lead to hypertension and a surge in bad cholesterol sooner or later, which can hamper ideal blood flow in the body.

You smoke a lot.

Did you know that you’re introducing a lot of toxic chemicals in your body when you smoke a cigarette? Sure nicotine is there, but you’re also getting a dose of carbon monoxide and tar while you’re puffing away. It’s best if you kick your smoking habit as soon as you can.

You drink like a fish.

Now while I’ve previously emphasized the benefits of drinking alcohol moderately to your overall circulation and your ability to get rock hard on demand, having too much will just lead to the opposite. And you’re also putting yourself at risk to a lot of other health problems like liver cancer while at it as well.

You don’t exercise regularly.

You are basically keeping your blood flow ideal if you make it a habit to exercise in a regular basis. This is because you’re maintaining the elasticity and performance of the channels where blood flows like the blood vessels, veins and arteries when you sweat it out. At least 15 to 20 minutes of vigorous exercise every day will suffice.

You don’t masturbate from time to time.

Your body experiences the same sexual arousal when you’re making love and when you’re going solo. So you can think of it as a practice to get ready for the real thing. And practice makes perfect, right? (Here’s a simple way to make masturbation even more pleasurable, too.)

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