Important Pointers To Keep In Mind If You’re Looking To Make Her Come During Sex

So you'd like to give her an unforgettable sex session...

So you’d like to give her an unforgettable sex session…

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, making a woman reach the Big O during lovemaking isn’t something that is impossible.

Now while I am not saying that pulling the whole thing off is going to be a walk in the park, I’ve learned a few important pointers during my extensive research into the female sexuality that may help you get the job done.

Make sure you follow along to find out how you can boost her chances of having an orgasm (or two) the next time things get hot between the sheets…

Clean your bedroom.

I’m sure you’re wondering why this made the list, but making it a point to keep your bedroom clean and organized is one of the best ways to make a woman feel relaxed and comfortable.

See, women need to feel relaxed and comfortable to encourage the brain to produce and release lots of feel-good hormones, which is a necessity to really get her going in bed and increase her chances of getting an orgasm as you go along.

If not, their bodies are just going to have a surge of their negative counterparts that will only lead to them feeling impatient, anxious and reserved.

Go slow and easy.

No matter how tempted you are to get fast and furious between the sheets, make it a point to slow down to really give your lover a pleasurable experience while at it.

This is because a woman’s sexual arousal isn’t as speedy compared to a man’s and she needs a bit of time to really prep up her body for action in the bedroom.

Sure this may sound rather dull for you, but you’ll be surprised how enjoyable the experience will be for her.

Ask her what she wants.

You may already know by now the erogenous zones and sexual techniques that your partner likes, but it’s still a good idea to ask her what she’s in the mood for on your next sex session.

This is because the lovemaking preferences of women tend to change from time to time. The stuff she may like yesterday may not be the ones she wants today. And the best way to really know what she’s hankering for is directly asking her!

Ask her which erogenous zones to stimulate, the sexual positions she wants to do as well as the speed and rhythm that she’s looking for. You’re sure to hear her “explode” in the process, if you know what I mean.

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