3 Reasons Why She’s Hesitant To Try Anal Sex

Here are a few reasons why she's not that excited to give anal sex a go...

Here are a few reasons why she’s not that excited to give anal sex a go…

I know you’ve been fantasizing about having anal sex with your lover for quite some time now. However, the problem is she’s not that eager to try it like you do.

This doesn’t mean that your chances of doing it in the backdoor are going to be nil though.

You simply have to keep in mind a few key reasons that may be hindering your partner from trying anal sex. Make sure you follow along to learn more…

She thinks it’s going to be really uncomfortable.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this in any way. Anal sex can be rather uncomfortable to the point of being painful if not done the right way.

Unless you carefully prepare for the whole thing, there’s a very big possibility that your lover will find the experience unpleasant even before you even really started.

Make it a point to get your hands on lots of lube (and remember to grab the water-based ones while you’re at it) to ensure that things will be smooth and easy while you’re at it.

And although the temptation to go fast and furious when you get the opportunity to sexually penetrate your partner in the backside is great, remember to go as slow and easy as you can to avoid ruining her mood.

She thinks it’s going to be messy.

When you’re doing it in the backdoor, there’s a small chance that an “accident” could happen. Well, that’s if you did not take some precautions before the action happens.

Besides keeping in mind to use a condom, it’s also very important to ask your partner to clean her backdoor with a douche or perhaps take a rather long shower.

Also remember to have wet napkins or a towel within reach during anal sex as well to take care of accidents before they become an issue.

And while we’re on the subject, keep in mind to affirm your partner mentally that she’ll always be sexy and desirable to you even if you experience some problems like leakage as you go along.

She thinks it’s only about your satisfaction.

Unlike what a lot of women mistakenly think, anal sex can be rather pleasurable if done the right way.

Given you’ve got the right amount of lubrication (which is lots, by the way), things will go smooth and enjoying when the action happens.

Remember to integrate some awesome foreplay techniques while you’re at it and you’re really good to go.

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