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So you'd like to boost your chances of scoring a second date...

So you’d like to boost your chances of scoring a second date…

I’m really disappointed at what these self-proclaimed “dating experts” are saying these days.

Besides recommending that wearing loud clothes is a must during a first date to really get a woman’s attention, they’re also suggesting that you ignore her most of the time to assert that you’re an alpha male.

And that’s their idea of a surefire first date.

The only thing that’s “surefire” about these techniques when you use them during a first date is definitely not getting a second one.

Now let me share a few simple yet effective pointers that will help you boost your chances of convincing a woman you’re out with the first time to go on a second date with you…

Keep your grooming in check.

I know you can find this one in almost every list of helpful dating tips you come across online, but grooming should be your top priority when it comes to acing a first date.

See, when a woman thinks you look and smell nice, she will feel more comfortable being with you.

Don’t hide your smile.

Smiling is one of the simplest ways to establish a connection with a woman during a first date.

Besides making you look friendlier and more sociable, it will also stimulate her brain to release feel-good hormones that will make her more outgoing.

Just remember to keep those smiles genuine though.

Keep your movements smooth.

Body language plays a key role when it comes to making a good impression on a first date.

Don’t stiff up and act like you’re coming down with something while at it.

Or else you’ll just end up making the woman you’re out with feel uncomfortable, anxious and rather impatient for your first date to end.

And that’s definitely going to affect your chances of scoring a second one.

Listen to her intently.

Make it a point to be a good listener when your date is opening up to you.

Sure there may be stuff that you won’t find as interesting as the others, but you’re sure to get a lot of material that will help you impress her even more as you go along with your date.

(You’ll be surprised how much she will appreciate it when you remember the name of her first pet or favorite movie.)

Mimic her posture.

Sure this sounds silly, but following your date’s movements, postures and mannerisms makes her feel closer to you.

Just do it subtly though or else she’ll think you’re being silly.


Stress may be the reason why your sexual performance is dipping…

So let’s get straight to the bottom line right away…

You’re simply finding yourself not performing up to par when you and your lover are heating things up in the bedroom these days.

Apart from not feeling that your sexual stamina isn’t as intense as usual, you also seem to go off too soon during lovemaking.

There’s no need to worry just yet though or perhaps get your hands on pills, creams and other artificial stuff that claim to improve your sex life.

Chances are you’re just stressed.

And we will go over the most common stressors guys experience so you can manage them properly and bring back your sexual performance in no time…

You are too critical of yourself.

If you’re anything like most men, chances are you sometimes think that you’re not good enough. Your job sucks, you are not that talented compared to others and you’re not as smart as the other guy.

Now while having these thoughts are pretty normal (you’re only human in the first place), but making it a habit to think them will just make you feel stressed.

Just remember that you’re special in your own way and you’ll feel much better.

You’re too conscious of what other people are saying.

Admit it. Sometimes you feel stressed because you can’t seem to keep up with other people’s expectations of you.

Now while it’s alright to heed advice from others, don’t let them take control of your life. Or you will just end up feeling horrible about yourself.

The worst thing will happen is you’re going to have the habit of always keeping up with the Joneses. And you wouldn’t want that to happen, right?

Your relationships are getting rocky.

Stress hormones usually surge when you go through relationship problems. And believe me these hormones won’t be slowing down until your stress levels are through the roof.

If there’s a bit of friction in your relationships, make it a point to fix it as soon as you can. The longer you allow them to go off, the more difficult it will be to smooth things up.

You are working too much.

All work and no play can make you a dull boy.

When you feel that you’re up to your neck with work, make it a point to ease up a bit. Take a short vacation or perhaps find a hobby to get busy with to unload work stress.


Smoking can easily sap the strength of your erections...

Smoking can easily sap the strength of your erections…

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, reaching a certain age doesn’t make you vulnerable to erectile dysfunction.

Now while this may sound surprising, achieving a strong erection (no matter how old you are) is all about directing the right amount of blood flow to the erectile tissues in the penis.

And you shouldn’t get your hands on pills, creams and other artificial means that claim to bring back your ability to really get rock hard when the action’s getting hot between the sheets.

Chances are you’re just overlooking the following factors that can trigger bouts of erectile dysfunction. Make sure you read on to find out what these are…

You’re eating too much fatty food.

Like what I’ve emphasized in a previous post, what you’re loading up on in a regular basis can make or break your chances of really getting rock hard during sexual arousal.

And one of the deal breakers when it comes to erections is eating a lot of fatty food. Besides wreaking havoc to your blood pressure, it can also lead to the formation of plaque that can disrupt the circulation in the long run.

Now while it’s alright to enjoy your favorite fatty treats once in a while, just don’t make it a daily habit.

You love salty stuff so much.

Sure salt is an essential ingredient in cooking, but consuming excessive levels of it already causes hypertension, a health problem that can make blood flow in your body go haywire sooner or later.

Only load up on the right amounts of salt and you’re good to go. Same goes for your sugar consumption as well.

You smoke habitually.

You are basically introducing several dangerous chemicals in your system each time you light up a cigarette.

Although nicotine does have a calming effect when metabolized by the body, the unpleasant side effects that cigarettes have simply outweigh this.

One of the side effects that you’re in for is vasoconstriction, in which the blood vessels gradually tighten up and prevent blood to flow through.

Now imagine how that will affect your erections.

You don’t exercise.

I’m not saying that being a hardcore fitness buff is a must to keep your erections strong.

Simply making it a habit to sweat it out at least 15 minutes a daily should do the trick. You can go for low-impact exercises to start things off like slow jogging and biking.

Keep these in mind to really wow her during a first date...

Keep these in mind to really wow her during a first date…

Unlike what a lot of so-called “dating gurus” are suggesting these days, there is no surefire magic bullet that can help you ace a first date.

Now while this may sound surprising, pulling it off is more than just picking a nice venue or perhaps meticulously planning your wardrobe for the big day (or night).

There’s no need to worry just yet though.

Here are a few key tips that I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that will help you boost your chances of wowing the woman you’re out with on your next first date…

Planning is key.

A lot of men mistakenly think that going for the most expensive restaurant they could find for a first date is the only thing they need to do to ace it.

Although taking her to a nice place is a good thing, going the extra mile and doing a bit of research while at it is also a priority.

Make it a point to know what your date’s preferred food and drink choices are as well as the kind of music and crowd she is into.

Besides making her feel right off the bat that you really want to make your date a complete success, she’ll also be more sociable and relaxed being with you when she feels really comfortable.

(And while we’re on the subject, here are some grooming tips that you should have in your checklist to really make a good impression on a first date.)

Be a good listener.

Listening intently to your date is one simple way of making a connection with her.

Apart from catching a lot of stuff that can help you impress her even more as you go along, you’ll also stimulate her brain to release feel-good hormones. This means she won’t be reserved the whole time.

Don’t have an idea how to strike up a meaningful conversation with her?

Nice topics to start things off are her favorite TV show, the name of her first pet or her most unforgettable carnival ride.

Don’t be touchy-feely.

Although emphasizing your ideas with gestures is a great way to make a point, keep in mind not to overdo the whole thing by already being touchy-feely.

Besides making her feel that you’re creepy, it’s also going to end a first date prematurely. A simple pat on the forearm is going to suffice this time.