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Exercising with your lover boosts her chances of getting easily sexually aroused.

Exercising with your lover boosts her chances of getting easily sexually aroused.

Sure you may already know by now that working your magic on your lover’s erogenous zones is one way of heating her up for action between the sheets.

However, it’s not just physical stimulation that can get your partner going for sex. Make sure you follow along to find out what other ways you can use to really make her feel frisky to go for a round or two in bed…

Use the power of her mind to feel sexy.

Now while getting your A-game going with your physical foreplay techniques is one way to do it if you’re looking to warm up your lover for sex, exciting her mind is also a great strategy.

It’s not that tough to pull this one off, too. You simply have to get her mind racing by sending her naughty text messages and forwarding kinky emails.

Don’t crimp on the details while you’re at it, too. The results will be more awesome if you make the whole thing as graphic as you can.

The right compliments can turn her on.

Sure you may already have an idea that compliments can help establish an emotional connection with a woman on a date, but did you know that you can also use them to sexually arouse your lover in the bedroom?

Make it a point to declare your admiration to her body, especially your partner’s erogenous zones like the breasts, vagina and clitoris, when you’re already in the middle of the action.

Just keep in mind not to overdo it though since your lover will start to think that you’re being insincere, which is a big turn off for women.

Working out can be a segue for lovemaking.

Did you know that your brain automatically stimulates the endocrine glands to start churning out feel-good hormones after you exercise?

This is the reason why you get that “high” after working out at the gym, having a long jog or perhaps after a vigorous round of brisk walking or biking.

Why not ask your lover to go on an exercise routine with you one of these days and take the whole working out thing in bed sooner or later?

The time of the month really counts.

No, we’re not talking about that time of the month. We’re focusing on her ovulation period.

This is the time when she’s actually more interested in lovemaking compared to other days. And you’re definitely missing out on a lot if you don’t have this on your schedule.

Your lover’s ovulation period usually happens a week or so before she is going to have her period. Now while spotting when she’s having her ovulation can seem really complicated, there is one easy way to do it.

If she wears revealing clothes more often than usual, that’s the time.


So you’d like to make your fingering sessions really pleasurable for her…

For most guys, fingering their lovers is as straightforward as can be: as soon as a woman is sexually aroused, they can already start the action.

However, giving your partner the sexual satisfaction she’s always wanted when you’re working your magic with your fingers is not that easy to pull off.

You have to keep the following in mind to really knock your lover’s socks off the next time you finger her…

Rev up her sexual arousal.

When it comes to fingering your lover, her state of sexual arousal plays a very important role. If she’s not that warmed up for action between the sheets, she won’t be that wet down there and any kind of sexual penetration will not be completely pleasurable.

Make it a point to really take your partner’s sexual arousal off the charts before you start fingering her. One way you can do this is by exciting her mind using kinky text messages and saucy emails.

Don’t just focus on the vagina and clitoris.

Sure fingering is mostly concentrated on her clitoris and vagina, but if you’re looking to really take her pleasure levels off the charts while at it, keeping in mind to stimulate her other erogenous zones is key.

Remember to give adequate attention to her breasts, back of the neck, inner thighs, sides of the stomach, wrists as well as other areas where your lover feels good when you touch them.

This basically keeps her sexual arousal going as intensely as possible as you go along.

And we’ve already touched on what happens if she’s not completely sexually aroused when you finger her.

Keep the lubrication going.

Adequate moisture down there is necessary to really make your partner enjoy fingering action.

Apart from her natural juices, you can also extend a bit of help by using your saliva to make things even wetter south of her border.

Don’t let things get dry even a bit, too, since she will definitely feel it.

Start slow and easy.

A lot of guys mistakenly think that kicking things off fast and furious is the best way to give a woman the sexual pleasure they want during fingering.

Make it a point to start slow and easy and build up the speed and intensity as you go along. Don’t forget to ask your partner how she likes it as well to know when to take it up a notch.

Sending your lover naughty texts and emails can heat her up for sex...

Sending your lover naughty texts and emails can heat her up for sex…

I am really disappointed with the stuff a lot of so-called “sex gurus” are saying about how to warm up a woman in the bedroom.

Apart from being utterly ridiculous, most of them are also not that friendly to women.

I even remember coming across one that suggests deliberately treating a woman roughly to give her the idea that you’re the alpha male, which means you are also a great lover.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think though, warming up a woman for action between the sheets isn’t that complicated at all.

You simply have to keep the following factors in mind to really get her going for lovemaking…

A clean bedroom is a must.

If your lover is anything like most women, chances are she’s got a soft spot for cleanliness, which is one of the things that you should keep an eye on if you’re looking to get her sexually aroused.

See, when a woman feels that the place she’s in is dirty and cluttered, her body almost instantly experiences a surge in stress hormones that make her feel impatient, anxious and tense.

And this can easily make your efforts at getting her ready for lovemaking futile – even if you’re already bringing your best sexual techniques into play.

So make it a point to clean and organize your bedroom regularly and you’ll be on the right track.

Excite her physically and mentally.

It’s not just the way you work your magic on her erogenous zones that counts when you’re trying to get your partner going for action in bed.

You also have to take care of the mental aspect of getting her sexually aroused. Sure this sounds rather tricky right now, but it’s actually not that complicated to pull off.

You simply have to fire up your lover’s imagination by sending her naughty messages or forwarding kinky emails to her inbox. Doing a bit of dirty talk achieves the same results as well.

This basically stimulates her brain to churn out feel-good hormones, which are essential for her sexual arousal. And just imagine if she’s already got a lot of them circulating in her body before you even got started in the bedroom…

Change up your techniques.

Did you know that a woman’s brain has the ability to “record” foreplay and sexual techniques?

And doing the same things over and over again will just give her brain the impression that you’re not even trying hard enough to warm up your lover in bed and make all the stimulation you’re doing flat and boring.

Keep in mind to mix things up each time you want to get your partner feel frisky between the sheets and you’ll simply be surprised with the results.

So you're noticing that your erections are not that strong these days...

So you’re noticing that your erections are not that strong these days…

Let’s go straight to the problem right away…

You’re simply noticing that your erections are not as strong and stable like they used to nowadays.

Now while you’re still rising up to the occasion when you and your lover start getting frisky between the sheets, you feel that it’s just not the same.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’ve already got to reach for pills, creams and other artificial stuff that are commercially available these days.

Chances are you’re simply making a few mistakes that can have a negative effect on the quality of your erections. Make sure you read on to find out what these mistakes are…

You’re not loading up on the right stuff.

Sure this may sound a bit surprising, but what you eat and drink regularly can have an effect on your erections sooner or later.

This is because if you have a healthy diet, your body’s overall circulation will be kept ideal or may even be improved.

On the other hand, if you’re always going for the unhealthy stuff like food high in bad cholesterol, sugar and salt, the blood flow in your body will become poor.

And your ability to get rock hard during sexual arousal will be compromised when this happens.

You are drinking like a fish.

Now while I’ve emphasized in an earlier post that drinking alcohol moderately can be rather beneficial to your circulation, overdoing the whole thing can lead to the opposite.

See, apart from making you prone to alcohol poisoning, your blood vessels are also going to be vulnerable to vasoconstriction, a health issue in which they become pinched and already prevents the ideal flow of blood to where they’re supposed to.

Since the erectile tissues in the penis need a certain amount of blood to firm up to achieve an erection, this can be an issue in the bedroom if not taken care of properly.

(You’ve also got to kick your smoking habit while at it as well.)

You’re not exercising at all.

What happens to a car when you leave it unused and not given the attention it deserves for a very long time?

It deteriorates and there’s even a chance that it won’t run smoothly again, right? This is what will happen to your body when you have a sedentary lifestyle.

Unfortunately, this also affects your overall blood flow in the long run and we’ve already touched on what will happen when that problem takes place.