4 Commonly Overlooked Erectile Dysfunction Factors

Smoking can easily sap the strength of your erections...

Smoking can easily sap the strength of your erections…

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, reaching a certain age doesn’t make you vulnerable to erectile dysfunction.

Now while this may sound surprising, achieving a strong erection (no matter how old you are) is all about directing the right amount of blood flow to the erectile tissues in the penis.

And you shouldn’t get your hands on pills, creams and other artificial means that claim to bring back your ability to really get rock hard when the action’s getting hot between the sheets.

Chances are you’re just overlooking the following factors that can trigger bouts of erectile dysfunction. Make sure you read on to find out what these are…

You’re eating too much fatty food.

Like what I’ve emphasized in a previous post, what you’re loading up on in a regular basis can make or break your chances of really getting rock hard during sexual arousal.

And one of the deal breakers when it comes to erections is eating a lot of fatty food. Besides wreaking havoc to your blood pressure, it can also lead to the formation of plaque that can disrupt the circulation in the long run.

Now while it’s alright to enjoy your favorite fatty treats once in a while, just don’t make it a daily habit.

You love salty stuff so much.

Sure salt is an essential ingredient in cooking, but consuming excessive levels of it already causes hypertension, a health problem that can make blood flow in your body go haywire sooner or later.

Only load up on the right amounts of salt and you’re good to go. Same goes for your sugar consumption as well.

You smoke habitually.

You are basically introducing several dangerous chemicals in your system each time you light up a cigarette.

Although nicotine does have a calming effect when metabolized by the body, the unpleasant side effects that cigarettes have simply outweigh this.

One of the side effects that you’re in for is vasoconstriction, in which the blood vessels gradually tighten up and prevent blood to flow through.

Now imagine how that will affect your erections.

You don’t exercise.

I’m not saying that being a hardcore fitness buff is a must to keep your erections strong.

Simply making it a habit to sweat it out at least 15 minutes a daily should do the trick. You can go for low-impact exercises to start things off like slow jogging and biking.

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