3 Techniques That Will Surely Knock Her Socks Off The Next Time You Stimulate Her Clitoris

Here are a few techniques that will knock her socks off when you stimulate her clitoris...

Here are a few techniques that will knock her socks off when you stimulate her clitoris…

Working your magic on your lover’s clitoris isn’t just about going straight to it as soon as you get the chance during foreplay or lovemaking.

Now while doing it properly can lead to her sexual pleasure levels going off the charts and lots of orgasms along the way, not pulling it off the right way will just lead to the opposite.

Apart from making her feel rather awkward and uncomfortable, you won’t be able to make her reach the Big O no matter what you do while at it.

Let me give you a few key techniques that will help boost your chances of really giving her a clitoral stimulation session that she won’t forget anytime soon…

Tease her until she couldn’t stand it anymore.

A lot of men make the mistake of immediately zeroing in on the clitoris when they go down on their lovers.

This somewhat “shocks” the clitoris because it needs a bit of time to prep up for action and won’t give the ideal amounts of pleasure it can really produce.

Instead, pleasure the spots around the clitoris.

Besides building up her sexual arousal, you will also give her a preview of the exciting sensations that she’ll experience when you get to the main attraction.

If you do it right, it will only be a short time until she’s going to direct you to her clitoris herself.

Say your A-B-C’s.

You have to make your stimulation interesting all the way if you’re really looking to wow your lover while you’re working your magic on her clitoris.

One technique you can do is stimulating her clitoris using the alphabet. You simply have to flick and move your tongue in the shape of letters. You can even spell out your favorite words to spice things up during the action.

You can use numbers while you’re at it as well if you want to take it to a whole new level.

Use your fingers appropriately.

When it comes to clitoral stimulation, it’s not exclusive only to the clitoris. You also need to pleasure your lover’s other erogenous zones to really electrify her senses.

And since your mouth, lips and tongue are already busy, you need to use her fingers.

Make it a point to pleasure her breasts, inner thighs, sides of the stomach and other spots that make her feel good between the sheets. You’ll be simply surprised with the explosive results.

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