Important Factors That Boost A Woman’s Sexual Arousal

Sending your lover naughty texts and emails can heat her up for sex...

Sending your lover naughty texts and emails can heat her up for sex…

I am really disappointed with the stuff a lot of so-called “sex gurus” are saying about how to warm up a woman in the bedroom.

Apart from being utterly ridiculous, most of them are also not that friendly to women.

I even remember coming across one that suggests deliberately treating a woman roughly to give her the idea that you’re the alpha male, which means you are also a great lover.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think though, warming up a woman for action between the sheets isn’t that complicated at all.

You simply have to keep the following factors in mind to really get her going for lovemaking…

A clean bedroom is a must.

If your lover is anything like most women, chances are she’s got a soft spot for cleanliness, which is one of the things that you should keep an eye on if you’re looking to get her sexually aroused.

See, when a woman feels that the place she’s in is dirty and cluttered, her body almost instantly experiences a surge in stress hormones that make her feel impatient, anxious and tense.

And this can easily make your efforts at getting her ready for lovemaking futile – even if you’re already bringing your best sexual techniques into play.

So make it a point to clean and organize your bedroom regularly and you’ll be on the right track.

Excite her physically and mentally.

It’s not just the way you work your magic on her erogenous zones that counts when you’re trying to get your partner going for action in bed.

You also have to take care of the mental aspect of getting her sexually aroused. Sure this sounds rather tricky right now, but it’s actually not that complicated to pull off.

You simply have to fire up your lover’s imagination by sending her naughty messages or forwarding kinky emails to her inbox. Doing a bit of dirty talk achieves the same results as well.

This basically stimulates her brain to churn out feel-good hormones, which are essential for her sexual arousal. And just imagine if she’s already got a lot of them circulating in her body before you even got started in the bedroom…

Change up your techniques.

Did you know that a woman’s brain has the ability to “record” foreplay and sexual techniques?

And doing the same things over and over again will just give her brain the impression that you’re not even trying hard enough to warm up your lover in bed and make all the stimulation you’re doing flat and boring.

Keep in mind to mix things up each time you want to get your partner feel frisky between the sheets and you’ll simply be surprised with the results.

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