4 Things You Need To Do When You Finger Your Lover


So you’d like to make your fingering sessions really pleasurable for her…

For most guys, fingering their lovers is as straightforward as can be: as soon as a woman is sexually aroused, they can already start the action.

However, giving your partner the sexual satisfaction she’s always wanted when you’re working your magic with your fingers is not that easy to pull off.

You have to keep the following in mind to really knock your lover’s socks off the next time you finger her…

Rev up her sexual arousal.

When it comes to fingering your lover, her state of sexual arousal plays a very important role. If she’s not that warmed up for action between the sheets, she won’t be that wet down there and any kind of sexual penetration will not be completely pleasurable.

Make it a point to really take your partner’s sexual arousal off the charts before you start fingering her. One way you can do this is by exciting her mind using kinky text messages and saucy emails.

Don’t just focus on the vagina and clitoris.

Sure fingering is mostly concentrated on her clitoris and vagina, but if you’re looking to really take her pleasure levels off the charts while at it, keeping in mind to stimulate her other erogenous zones is key.

Remember to give adequate attention to her breasts, back of the neck, inner thighs, sides of the stomach, wrists as well as other areas where your lover feels good when you touch them.

This basically keeps her sexual arousal going as intensely as possible as you go along.

And we’ve already touched on what happens if she’s not completely sexually aroused when you finger her.

Keep the lubrication going.

Adequate moisture down there is necessary to really make your partner enjoy fingering action.

Apart from her natural juices, you can also extend a bit of help by using your saliva to make things even wetter south of her border.

Don’t let things get dry even a bit, too, since she will definitely feel it.

Start slow and easy.

A lot of guys mistakenly think that kicking things off fast and furious is the best way to give a woman the sexual pleasure they want during fingering.

Make it a point to start slow and easy and build up the speed and intensity as you go along. Don’t forget to ask your partner how she likes it as well to know when to take it up a notch.

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