Why Your Lover Is Hesitant To Go Down On You Nowadays

Here's why she's not that excited to go down on you nowadays...

Here’s why she’s not that excited to go down on you nowadays…

When it comes to lovemaking, getting a BJ from your lover is definitely a key item on your sexual checklist.

But the thing is you’re noticing that she is not that eager to explore south of your border anymore these days.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be getting oral sex from your partner again though.

There’s just a very big possibility that you’re making a few mistakes that prevents her from going down on you.

Make sure you read on to learn what these mistakes are to fix this problem in no time…

You boss her about giving you oral attention.

It’s very important that your partner is totally sexually aroused before she will start exploring your nether regions for some oral action.

(Here is a useful tip to really get her sexual arousal going in the bedroom.)

And she won’t be able to reach that point when she is feeling that you’re forcing her to do something she doesn’t like or perhaps you’re giving her the notion that you are already bossing her around.

Keep in mind that you have to ask her about giving you oral sex as gently and tenderly as you can or else you’ll just ruin her mood while at it.

You neglect your hygiene.

How you look and smell play key roles when it comes to convincing your lover to give you a blowjob.

Come to think of it. Put yourself in her shoes. Would you still like to pleasure her orally if she doesn’t smell that nice down there? Well, there’s your answer.

Keep in mind to take regular showers and give your shrubbery down there a proper trim from time to time to prevent them from going haywire.

Remember to keep your oral hygiene up to par, too, since bad teeth and gums can easily set off problems in the bedroom.

You don’t give her amazing oral sex.

Oral sex is all about give and take.

You have to give your lover amazing oral action to make her feel that she needs to pay back the favor when you two are getting at it between the sheets.

Make the experience as awesome as you can when you give her oral sex and you will be surprised how eager she is when you ask her to do the same to you.

(Now here’s an oral sex trick that will surely knock her socks off.)

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