Anal Sex No-No’s You Should Keep In Mind

So you've finally convinced her to say yes to anal sex...

So you’ve finally convinced her to say yes to anal sex…

So you’ve finally convinced your lover to have anal sex with you…

However, unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, doing it in the backdoor isn’t just about putting on some lubricant and sexually penetrating your partner anally.

There are some things you need to remember to make the experience as awesome for her as it for you. Make sure you read on to find out what they are…

You rush things.

Although your lover said yes to anal sex, chances are the idea of being sexually penetrated in the anus is still a bit taboo to her.

Keep in mind to ease your partner into it before you start up the action.

This makes it easier for your lover to relax, which not only helps her really get sexually aroused, but also become more open to the idea of anal sex while at it.

And no “I accidentally put it in there” shtick, too.

You forget to have lots lubricant.

Most men believe that simply having a handful of lubricant will already get the job done when it comes to anal sex.

In fact, you’ll need lots of it or else things won’t go as you expected no matter how hard you try.

See, the anus doesn’t produce a natural lubricant like the vagina. And just having a single application won’t cut it. You’ll need to apply and re-apply often during the experience.

When you feel that things aren’t as slick, it’s time to apply another batch.

(Now here’s why you need water-based lubricants when it comes to anal sex.)

You go fast and furious during the action.

Although I already emphasized the need to ease your lover into anal sex, I’d have to reiterate it again when you’re starting up the action.

Don’t just shove it in there when you thrust. Do it as slowly and gently as you can to help your partner get used to the feeling.

Only pick things up when she’s finally got a rhythm going. Remember that she’s calling the shots in this department or else you’ll botch it up sooner or later.

You don’t listen to her while you’re at it.

Listening to your lover while you’re having anal sex is a key factor to make her really enjoy the experience.

Your partner can point out the things she likes and the ones she doesn’t.

And the more you know these, the better your chances are at convincing her to give anal sex another go.

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