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Still having trouble convincing her to try anal sex?

Still having trouble convincing her to try anal sex?

I’m pretty sure you’ve fantasized about having anal sex with your lover once or twice.

However, you’re still not getting any backdoor action because you’re finding it really tricky to convince her to give it a try.

The thing is you don’t have to keep fantasizing all the time. Here are a few simple tips that may just help you make your lover say yes to anal sex if you play your cards right…

Stop worrying that she will say no.

I know this sounds crazy, but your mindset can actually affect the outcome of whatever you’re trying to accomplish right off the bat.

This is because the brain stimulates the endocrine glands to produce and release specific mood-altering hormones depending on how you think things will play out.

If you think you can pull it off, you will tend to feel more inspired, fired up and really positive. If you think you’re going to fail, you will become very anxious and impatient.

Now think which of these two mindsets will help you raise your chances of getting the job done?

Talk to her about anal sex out of the bedroom.

A lot of guys make the mistake of only discussing anal sex with their lovers when they are already getting it on between the sheets.

You will only end up ruining your partner’s sexual mood when you do this because anal sex is still rather taboo to a lot of women and talking about it right then and there will sound really weird to her.

Make it a point to discuss it with your lover the next time you’re having a casual conversation.

Remember to break it to her gently, too, or else she will have negative ideas about anal sex.

Let her call the shots during lovemaking.

One thing that prevents women from becoming more adventurous in the bedroom is not giving her full control between the sheets.

And if you’re not letting your lover call the shots in bed, there’s a big chance that you will find it difficult to say yes to anal sex.

See, your lover will feel more empowered when she runs the show during sex. When she feels more empowered, she becomes more adventurous in the bedroom.

And when your partner becomes more adventurous in bed, making her say yes to backdoor action won’t be that challenging.

Don’t be desperate.

If she says no the first time, there’s no need to repeat it again and again because this will only annoy her.

Always remember that there’s always a next time to work your magic.

So you're noticing your sexual stamina levels are dipping down...

So you’re noticing your sexual stamina levels are dipping down…

Your sexual stamina plays a key role when it comes to giving your lover an amazing time in bed.

The longer you keep on going between the sheets, the more sexual pleasure you can give your partner.

However, you’re simply noticing that you can’t seem to last as long like you did before when things get hot in the bedroom these days.

There’s no need to worry just yet though.

And you don’t have to reach for the stuff that so-called “sex gurus” are recommending either like pills, creams and other artificial products that claim to extend your sexual stamina.

You are just probably making a few mistakes that sap your sexual stamina. And here are a few of them that you’re possibly making at the moment…

You eat the wrong food.

If you’ve been following HowToLastLongInBed.com for a while now, you probably already know that your diet plays a key role in your overall sexual performance, especially your sexual stamina.

Loading up on the right food helps your body have the energy it needs to get you going for action in the bedroom.

If you go for the wrong ones, however, your sexual stamina could be at risk of dipping down the least you expect it.

You drink like a fish.

Now while moderate alcohol consumption does help improve your body’s circulation, which can boost your ability to get rock hard, overdoing it can lead to the disaster.

Having excessive levels of alcohol in your system at once isn’t just dangerous, but also disrupts ideal blood flow by constricting blood vessels, veins and arteries.

Besides making it rather tricky to rise up to the occasion, you won’t also have the lasting power to really give the pleasure your lover wants between the sheets.

You have a smoking habit.

Cigarettes contain more than just nicotine. They also have lots and lots of nasty chemicals that can make your sexual stamina go haywire.

Sure puffing on your favorite brand of smokes when you need a boost may sound like a good idea, but it is actually ruining your sexual stamina one way or another the moment you light up.

Keep in mind to kick your smoking habit as soon as you can.

You don’t exercise regularly.

Having a sedentary lifestyle can have negative effects on your sexual stamina since it makes the body feel that it doesn’t have to exert as much energy as before.

And when that happens during lovemaking, you’re sure to feel beat even before you really got started.

Starting with a low-impact exercise regimen like biking, brisk walking or jogging can help you make it a regular habit.

Here's how you can make your bedroom more sexually appealing to women...

Here’s how you can make your bedroom more sexually appealing to women…

When it comes to giving your lover an experience between the sheets that she won’t forget anytime soon, it’s not just about the sexual techniques you use.

How you warm up your partner for action in bed while at it also plays a very important role.

And when prepping up your lover for sex is concerned, you’ll need more than just your foreplay techniques to really pull it off.

The state of your bedroom is essential as well.

If your partner thinks your bedroom is messy, she won’t be able to totally relax, which can affect her ability to really get in the mood for sex.

And when that happens, you will find it very tricky to give her the sexual pleasure she really wants.

So without further ado, here are a few simple pointers that will surely help you make your bedroom more sexually appealing to your lover…

A regular cleaning and organizing is a must.

One of the things that easily stimulate your partner’s brain to start producing and releasing stress hormones is seeing dust and clutter.

Make it a point to have a regular cleaning and organizing schedule for your bedroom to keep it as spic and span as possible.

Don’t forget the spots under the bed and behind the desk, too.

Keep in mind to make your bed after you wake up as well. Besides adding to the cleanliness and organization of your bedroom, it will also make you feel better while at it.

How’s that for two for two?

A bit of artistic touch doesn’t hurt.

Adding a bit of artistic touch boosts your bedroom’s aesthetic qualities, which can make it feel cozier.

And this helps your lover relax faster when she’s in it, picking up her ability to get in the mood for action in bed.

Just keep in mind not to make your artistic touches too wild or too outrageous since it will simply lead to the opposite.

Still can’t decide which pieces of art to pick? Going for simple, minimalist stuff is the safest option.

Take it up a notch with a scent.

Women will find it easier to feel comfortable when everything smells good, which is why you need to keep an eye on your grooming, too.

Having a spritz of air freshener or even her favorite cologne will do the trick. Just don’t overdo the whole thing to prevent turning the nice smell into something more unpleasant.

Still finding it tricky to give her amazing oral sex?

Still finding it tricky to give her amazing oral sex?

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly believe, giving your lover an oral sex session she won’t forget anytime soon isn’t about going straight to her clitoris and licking furiously.

You need to keep a few key pointers in mind to really get the job done with flying colors.

And if you’re looking to really wow your partner the next time you go down on her, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Make sure you remember the following pointers to really pull it off on your next trip down south of her border…

Clean your bedroom.

I know this sounds crazy to be included in this post, but neglecting the cleanliness and organization of your bedroom can make it tricky for your lover to totally relax.

When this happens, she will find it difficult to become sexually aroused. And this will really pull down your chances of making her feel good when you give her oral sex.

Make it a point to regularly keep your bedroom spic and span and you’ll be good to go.

Start slow and easy.

Now while it’s really tempting to really get to it as soon as you can the moment you get the chance to go down on her, doing so will only botch things up.

This is because although the clitoris is naturally wired to produce lots and lots of pleasurable sensations when stimulated, it needs to be eased into the whole thing.

Or else oral sex will only feel uncomfortable for her when you go full speed ahead before it is really ready for action.

Don’t blow into the clitoris.

No matter what you do, never blow into the clitoris during oral sex.

This is because it will only make the clitoris dry up and become extremely sensitive to stimulation. Notice how women lube up this pleasure button when they masturbate?

Your lover will only feel discomfort to the point of pain when you pleasure her clitoris even with the best techniques you know when you blow on it.

Vary your stimulation.

Giving your lover oral sex can be compared to a massage. The experience will become rather boring when you do the same things over and over.

Make it a point to mix things up as you go along. Change your strategy every couple of minutes. The thing is to make your moves as unexpected as can be.

If your play your cards right, you’ll easily find your lover reaching the Big O again and again, too.