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So you're noticing she's not as sexually pleasured like she used to...

So you’re noticing she’s not as sexually pleasured like she used to…

If you’re noticing that your lover is not as satisfied like she used to when you are at it in the bedroom these days, it doesn’t mean that you’re already losing your sexual touch.

Chances are you’re simply making a few mistakes that prevent your partner from really experiencing the pleasure levels that she wants between the sheets.

So if you’re looking to give your lover a sexual experience she won’t forget anytime soon, then you better follow along to find out more…

Sexual Mistake #1: Warming her up when you’re already in the bedroom.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly believe, foreplay doesn’t begin when you and your partner are already in bed. It actually starts outside of it.

And you’re simply missing out on your opportunity to make her more sexually aroused, which also means more pleasure for her.

It isn’t that tough to pull this off as well.

You can warm up your lover outside of the bedroom by sending her kinky texts on her phone or forwarding her naughty messages via email.

Sexual Mistake #2: You rush oral sex.

Oral sex is one of the most pleasurable sexual techniques for your partner that you can have a go at during lovemaking.

However, a lot of guys mistakenly think that their lovers only need a couple of minutes or less of oral action to feel its pleasurable effects, just like the stuff they see in porn.

But it is actually different in real life. You can still turn things around though.

Here are a few useful oral sex tips that you can use to really get your partner going in the bedroom.

Sexual Mistake #3: Assuming you know what she wants sexually.

Now while you are already familiar with the things that your lover wants in bed, it’s still not safe to assume that you already know how to really pleasure her when you’re at it.

Make it a point to ask your partner what she likes to experience the next time you get it on between the sheets.

Ask her which erogenous zones to focus on as well as the techniques she prefers for that particular sex session.

Besides raising your chances of giving your lover the sexual pleasure she wants, you will also have a greater possibility of getting her coming…again and again if you really play your cards right.

Interestingly, allowing your partner to call all the shots during sex can also make her more adventurous in bed.

You're sure to last longer in bed (and give her more sexual pleasure) when you follow these tips...

You’re sure to last longer in bed (and give her more sexual pleasure) when you follow these tips…

If you’re anything like most guys, I’m pretty sure that lasting for as long as you can during lovemaking is the top item on your sexual checklist.

However, doing just that isn’t about getting your hands on pills, creams and other artificial medications that promise to extend your bedroom playing time.

Sure they may offer a quick fix to your premature ejaculation issue, but you are actually making yourself prone to more problems sooner or later when you go for these artificial “solutions.”

Here are a few simple and natural ways you can go for to prevent coming too soon during sex…

Don’t get too excited.

Now while it’s perfectly natural to feel excited when you and your wife, girlfriend or lover are already at it between the sheets, overdoing it can lead to premature ejaculation.

See, the brain stimulates the endocrine glands to churn out mood-altering hormones when you are sexually aroused. When these hormones reach a certain limit, your body’s ejaculatory response kicks in.

The more excited you are, the more of these mood-altering hormones are produced and released by the endocrine glands, which can easily cut your bedroom playing time really short.

Focus on her pleasure.

A lot of men tend to pop too soon during sex because they focus more on their sexual pleasure instead of their partner’s.

They think that lovemaking is simply a means to an end for them and they’re mostly in it to feel good. Interestingly, focusing more on a woman’s pleasure helps you last longer in bed.

Besides taking your mind off your sexual pleasure, you are also “resetting” your ejaculatory response when you go extra mile in pleasing your wife, girlfriend or lover in bed, like giving her oral sex.

(You need to step up your oral sex skills to do this with flying colors as well. Here are a few simple pointers that you need to keep in mind.)

Go slow and easy while you’re at it.

The pleasure signals that the brain uses to determine if it should already activate your body’s ejaculatory response is the amount of stimulation your penis experiences during sex.

The more stimulation your penis gets, the faster your body’s ejaculatory response builds up and you’ll just find yourself coming too quickly in the bedroom.

Make it a point to pleasure your wife, girlfriend or lover during sex using your fingers, tongue and mouth to keep penile stimulation minimal. Having a few adult toys around also helps.

So you want to make your date like you...

So you want to make your date like you…

Unlike what a lot of self-proclaimed “dating gurus” are saying these days, making a connection with a woman on a date isn’t about wearing loud clothes or perhaps acting as if you don’t care.

Come to think of it. How do you think your date will feel if you do that?

I’ve learned a lot of useful things during my extensive research into the female psychology and here are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind if you’re looking to make your date like you…


Did you know that smiling is one of the easiest ways to make a woman like you?

Now while this may sound surprising, the act of smiling helps the brain let loose mood altering hormones that make the person you’re smiling at feel good.

And as a bonus, these hormones will also make the woman you’re out with more sociable and easier to talk to. How’s that for two for two?

Give her a compliment or two.

Make it a point to compliment your date about something that you really like about her.

It could be the dress she’s wearing, her makeup, her hair or perhaps just anything that you sincerely like about her.

Just remember not to overdo the whole thing by simply throwing away your compliments. Your date is only going to feel that you’re trying to play her.

Keep a close eye on your grooming.

I’m sure you’ve heard this time and again, but making sure your grooming is excellent when you’re on a date can easily make or break the whole thing.

See, women are basically visual creatures that make their first impressions on a guy with the way he looks and smells.

So if you show up on your date looking and smelling nice, you’re definitely going to wow her in no time and make it easier for her to like you.

Listen to her intently.

Making it a point to intently listen to a woman you’re out on a date with gives her the notion that you are really interested in her.

Keep in mind not to interrupt when she’s talking, no matter how trivial the subject may be. Do this and it won’t be that tricky to make her open up more about herself.

And simply imagine the things that you can pick up to dazzle her more as you go on with your date.

So you'd like to keep your erections as strong as possible...

So you’d like to keep your erections as strong as possible…

If you’re anything like most men, chances are you consider always getting stable erections as one of the most important factors when it comes to giving your lover an amazing time in bed.

However, your ability to get strong erections that won’t unexpectedly fizzle out when you’re in the middle of the action can lose its intensity if you don’t keep a few important pointers in mind.

And this isn’t about reaching for creams, pills and artificial stuff that a lot of self-proclaimed “sex gurus” are saying since they can set off results that are the exact opposite in the long run.

So if you’re looking to always get rock hard when you and your wife, girlfriend or lover are already getting the action going between the sheets, make sure you remember the following tips…

Keep an eye on your diet.

You are what you eat. And what you’re loading up on regularly can have a significant effect on your erections sooner or later.

Make it a point to have lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Upping your consumption of fish and lean meats is also a priority. Drinking 8 to 9 glasses of water daily is very important as well.

Now while it is alright to indulge in your favorite comfort foods and snacks like pork rinds and potato chips from time to time, overdoing it can lead to erectile problems due to excessive sodium and bad cholesterol levels.

Don’t drink like a fish.

Now while moderately enjoying your favorite brews like wine and beer can actually help keep your erections stay up to par, going on a drinking binge each time you get your hands on alcoholic drinks can easily put your ability to get rock hard at risk.

This is because having too much alcohol in your system won’t just set off alcohol poisoning, but will also cause your blood vessels to constrict, making it rather tricky for blood to go where they are supposed to during sexual arousal.

And when your blood vessels clamp up, your erections can be hurt.

(Here’s why you should also kick your smoking habit as soon as you can.)

Masturbate more.

Now while this may sound surprising, you are actually “training” your brain to achieve a stable erection when you make it a habit to masturbate.

This is because you calibrate your brain to produce and release sufficient levels of mood-altering hormones that are needed to achieve a stable erection each time you get sexually aroused.

Come to think of it. Masturbation is one activity you’d like to do more frequently, too.