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These are three mistakes that can prevent her from going down on you...

These are three mistakes that can prevent her from going down on you…

I bet that getting a blowjob from your lover is one of the most pleasurable things that you can experience when the both of you are already at it in the bedroom.

It’s one of the highlights of your sex session and chances are you’re always excited to see your partner going down on you.

However, you are just noticing that your lover isn’t that excited to give you a blowjob anymore these days.

Now while this may be a bit disappointing for you, this doesn’t mean that your days of being given oral attention by your partner are over.

There’s a possibility that you are simply making these mistakes that prevent her from going down on you…

You don’t keep a close eye on your grooming anymore.

How you’re grooming yourself can significantly affect your chances of convincing your lover to go down on you.

One key factor of a woman’s sexual arousal is how you look and smell to her. Just think of a sandwich for a bit. The chances that you will eat it are higher if it looks and smells delicious, right?

The same concept can be applied to you if you’re looking to make her go down on you. Keep in mind to always look and smell delicious to your lover and you’ll be good to go.

(Here are a few grooming tips you’ll find useful.)

You don’t ask her nicely.

Being bossy will get you nowhere if you want your partner to go down on you the next time things get extra steamy between the sheets.

Make it a point to ask your lover really nicely if you want her to give you oral attention.

Woo her as much as you can. Don’t rush her into it as well or else she will just feel that you are already bossing her around.

You don’t give her amazing oral sex.

Oral sex is something that is supposed to be a two-way street.

If you give your lover an amazing bout of oral sex each time you two get down in bed, she will be more than happy to return the favor when you ask her.

Make it a point not to consider oral sex as a burden, too, since this can greatly affect your performance while you’re doing it.

Keep in mind to do it as best as you can to really wow your lover each and every time…and you’re sure to be on the right track.

Here are the mistakes that can make anal sex terrible for her...

Here are the mistakes that can make anal sex terrible for her…

Now while I’m pretty sure that anal sex is definitely on your bedroom to-do list, having it on your next sex session just because you are in the mood for it is not as easy as it seems.

Sure you may have seen how almost effortless doing backdoor action is in porn movies, but it is actually very different in real life.

And not having a surefire anal sex strategy puts you at risk of making your lover feel very uncomfortable during the experience.

It’s even possible that she won’t give it another try no matter how hard you convince her!

So if you’re looking to really make anal sex an amazing experience for your partner, make sure you keep clear from these mistakes that can easily ruin the whole thing…

Anal sex isn’t an instant thing.

Unlike what you see in porn movies, you simply can’t have anal sex in the middle of your lovemaking session just because you want to.

You have to discuss it thoroughly and meaningfully beforehand with your partner or else the experience will just be going to be a disaster not just for her, but for the both of you.

And don’t go for the “oops-I-put-it-there-accidentally” shtick, too. It will only ruin your lover’s sexual mood, not mentioning her trust in you as well.

Have lots and lots of lube ready.

Not getting your hands on a sufficient amount of lubricant is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make when you’re planning to have anal sex with your partner.

This is because unlike the vagina that can naturally produce its very own lubricant to make sexual penetration smooth and easy, the anus needs help in this department.

Make it a point to have lots of lubricant ready before you start having anal action with your lover. Expect to reapply sufficient amounts of it during anal sex.

Still don’t have an idea how much is enough? Get as much as you think is ideal for you and double that amount.

You have to prepare her anus.

There is a big chance that anal sex is taboo to your partner.

And simply sexually penetrating her in the anus when you get the opportunity will just feel weird and uncomfortable for her.

Keep in mind to prep up her anus before sexually penetrating it. You can either gently massage and caress it with your fingers or perhaps stimulate it orally.

When you feel that she’s getting more relaxed with her anus being stimulated, ask her if you can already penetrate it.

If she says yes, you are in the clear. If it’s no, keep on going with your prepping up until she says so.

Boost your girlfriend's sexual arousal with these simple tips...

Boost your girlfriend’s sexual arousal with these simple tips…

Your girlfriend’s sexual arousal levels play a key role in how much pleasure she will experience during lovemaking.

The more sexually aroused she is, the more the pleasurable the sensations she will feel when you two are already getting busy in the bedroom.

And just to make the whole thing even more interesting, your girlfriend’s chances of achieving orgasm will also become higher the more sexually aroused she is.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think though, taking a woman’s sexual arousal off the charts isn’t just about what you do during foreplay and lovemaking.

Here are a few simple tips that will surely help you boost your girlfriend’s sexual arousal before you even start the action in bed…

Give your bedroom a meticulous cleaning and organizing.

Did you know that one of the most important factors when it comes to making a woman really sexually aroused is relaxation?

The more relaxed a woman is, the more her brain will churn out the necessary mood-altering hormones to make her really feel good when you start working your magic on her.

And one of the best ways to make her feel as relaxed as can be is by giving your bedroom the cleaning and organizing it needs.

See, women are visual creatures who easily feel anxious when they see that a room is cluttered and messy. So if you’re really looking to warm her up in bed, start cleaning and organizing right now.

Send her kinky messages on her mobile phone.

I’m pretty sure you send your girlfriend text messages and voicemails on her mobile phone frequently.

Why not spice up the whole thing by making your messages more risqué than usual? This is because women find it easier to get in the mood for sex when they use their imaginations.

Start sending her detailed descriptions of what you’d like to do to her when you two get alone. Don’t crimp on the details, too. Make it a point to be as graphic as you can to really hit their mark.

Keep a close eye on your facial hair.

I know sporting a bit of facial hair has an appealing effect to women, but allowing it to become rather unkempt will only lead to the opposite.

Remember to trim your facial hair, including wayward ear and nose hairs as well, since they can distract your girlfriend from really getting in the mood.

Moreover, too much facial hair can also affect the pleasure you will give your girlfriend when you give her oral sex.


Here are 4 very important grooming pointers that you should keep in mind...

Here are 4 very important grooming pointers that you should keep in mind…

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, keeping a close eye on your grooming isn’t just about looking good to women.

It is also about making sure that your health will stay up to par and stave off problems like erectile dysfunction and dipping sexual stamina levels in the long run.

So if you’re looking to stay looking and feeling good, here are key grooming tips that you should always keep in mind…

Flossing and brushing should be on your daily checklist.

At its simplest, neglecting to give your teeth and gums the care and attention they deserve will lead to bad breath, which is one of the biggest turn-offs to women.

However, there is one other adverse effect that you are at risk of when you don’t brush and floss regularly.

Having tooth decay and gum disease increases the chances that bad bacteria will enter your blood vessels.

Besides disrupting blood flow resulting to erectile dysfunction, this also makes you prone to cardiovascular problems in the long run.

A meticulous shave helps a lot.

Now while sporting a bit of facial hair can help jazz up your overall appearance, overdoing it will only make you look unkempt and sloppy.

Make it a point to have a clean shave on a regular basis. You aren’t just projecting a character of refinement, but also of responsibility.

And when it comes to oral sex, you’re sure to get the job done properly when you don’t have any wayward hairs that can inadvertently hurt a woman when you’re going down on her.

Deodorize your armpits.

Always keep in mind to use deodorant even when you’re not taking out a woman for a date.

This is an important habit that you should pick up since it is one of the best ways to keep you clear of unpleasant odors the least you expect.

It really doesn’t matter which deodorant brand or variety you prefer, too. Whether you go for a roll-on or a stick, it’s a win-win situation for you.

Get rid of nose hairs.

Nose hairs are distracting and annoying, not just for you, but also for women.

Keep in mind to trim your nose hairs from time to time to prevent them from peeking all of a sudden. Making it a weekly activity should do the trick.

You can also trim your nose hairs using a pair of scissors or an attachment that goes with most modern shaving kits available commercially.