4 Simple Tips To Help You Convince Her To Try Anal Sex

Still having trouble convincing her to try anal sex?

Still having trouble convincing her to try anal sex?

I’m pretty sure you’ve fantasized about having anal sex with your lover once or twice.

However, you’re still not getting any backdoor action because you’re finding it really tricky to convince her to give it a try.

The thing is you don’t have to keep fantasizing all the time. Here are a few simple tips that may just help you make your lover say yes to anal sex if you play your cards right…

Stop worrying that she will say no.

I know this sounds crazy, but your mindset can actually affect the outcome of whatever you’re trying to accomplish right off the bat.

This is because the brain stimulates the endocrine glands to produce and release specific mood-altering hormones depending on how you think things will play out.

If you think you can pull it off, you will tend to feel more inspired, fired up and really positive. If you think you’re going to fail, you will become very anxious and impatient.

Now think which of these two mindsets will help you raise your chances of getting the job done?

Talk to her about anal sex out of the bedroom.

A lot of guys make the mistake of only discussing anal sex with their lovers when they are already getting it on between the sheets.

You will only end up ruining your partner’s sexual mood when you do this because anal sex is still rather taboo to a lot of women and talking about it right then and there will sound really weird to her.

Make it a point to discuss it with your lover the next time you’re having a casual conversation.

Remember to break it to her gently, too, or else she will have negative ideas about anal sex.

Let her call the shots during lovemaking.

One thing that prevents women from becoming more adventurous in the bedroom is not giving her full control between the sheets.

And if you’re not letting your lover call the shots in bed, there’s a big chance that you will find it difficult to say yes to anal sex.

See, your lover will feel more empowered when she runs the show during sex. When she feels more empowered, she becomes more adventurous in the bedroom.

And when your partner becomes more adventurous in bed, making her say yes to backdoor action won’t be that challenging.

Don’t be desperate.

If she says no the first time, there’s no need to repeat it again and again because this will only annoy her.

Always remember that there’s always a next time to work your magic.

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