3 Simple Ways To Prevent Coming Too Soon During Sex

You're sure to last longer in bed (and give her more sexual pleasure) when you follow these tips...

You’re sure to last longer in bed (and give her more sexual pleasure) when you follow these tips…

If you’re anything like most guys, I’m pretty sure that lasting for as long as you can during lovemaking is the top item on your sexual checklist.

However, doing just that isn’t about getting your hands on pills, creams and other artificial medications that promise to extend your bedroom playing time.

Sure they may offer a quick fix to your premature ejaculation issue, but you are actually making yourself prone to more problems sooner or later when you go for these artificial “solutions.”

Here are a few simple and natural ways you can go for to prevent coming too soon during sex…

Don’t get too excited.

Now while it’s perfectly natural to feel excited when you and your wife, girlfriend or lover are already at it between the sheets, overdoing it can lead to premature ejaculation.

See, the brain stimulates the endocrine glands to churn out mood-altering hormones when you are sexually aroused. When these hormones reach a certain limit, your body’s ejaculatory response kicks in.

The more excited you are, the more of these mood-altering hormones are produced and released by the endocrine glands, which can easily cut your bedroom playing time really short.

Focus on her pleasure.

A lot of men tend to pop too soon during sex because they focus more on their sexual pleasure instead of their partner’s.

They think that lovemaking is simply a means to an end for them and they’re mostly in it to feel good. Interestingly, focusing more on a woman’s pleasure helps you last longer in bed.

Besides taking your mind off your sexual pleasure, you are also “resetting” your ejaculatory response when you go extra mile in pleasing your wife, girlfriend or lover in bed, like giving her oral sex.

(You need to step up your oral sex skills to do this with flying colors as well. Here are a few simple pointers that you need to keep in mind.)

Go slow and easy while you’re at it.

The pleasure signals that the brain uses to determine if it should already activate your body’s ejaculatory response is the amount of stimulation your penis experiences during sex.

The more stimulation your penis gets, the faster your body’s ejaculatory response builds up and you’ll just find yourself coming too quickly in the bedroom.

Make it a point to pleasure your wife, girlfriend or lover during sex using your fingers, tongue and mouth to keep penile stimulation minimal. Having a few adult toys around also helps.

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