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Here's why you need to load up on more oysters...

Here’s why you need to load up on more oysters…

I’m pretty sure that you (and your lover) consider your erection as a very important factor when it comes to sex.

Now while having a strong and stable erection when things get hot in the bedroom means that your sex session is going to be awesome for you and your partner, having one that’s weak and fizzles out sooner than you’d like to simply means the opposite.

And if you’re noticing that your erections are not as strong and stable these days when you and your lover are heating things up between the sheets, there’s still no need to reach for pills, creams and other artificial stuff just yet that a lot of so-called “sex gurus” are recommending.

Here are a few simple and very natural ways to keep your erections as strong as ever…

Watch your alcohol intake.

Although alcohol has a beneficial effect to your circulatory system when consumed in moderate amounts, drinking like a fish on a regular basis is just going to affect the strength and intensity of your erections in the long run.

This is because regularly having high alcohol levels in the body numbs out key parts of the central nervous system, which help oversee that the erectile tissues in the penis absorb the right amount of blood they need to get an erection going.

Moreover, having continuous drinking binges also dampen the pleasurable sensations you feel during lovemaking. How uncool is that?

Masturbate more.

I know masturbation is still a touchy subject until now, but making it a regular in your schedule can help you maintain your erections as strong as ever.

See, masturbating regularly helps “train” your brain to direct more blood flow to the pelvic region, which is in turn absorbed by the erectile tissues in the penis to achieve an erection, each time you get in a sexual mood.

As an added bonus, frequent masturbation also helps you easily gauge your sexual peak, which can stave off your risks of ejaculating prematurely when you and your partner are at it between the sheets.

Eat more oysters.

When it comes to bumping up your body’s zinc levels, nothing beats loading up on oysters. The zinc in them boosts the testosterone in your system, which is one of the key factors of getting strong erections.

Make sure you only eat raw, fresh oysters to get the most zinc out of them. Remember to check them for their cleanliness, too, or else you’ll have a bout of indigestion as soon as you eat one. Simply drizzling oysters with a bit of lemon juice and slurping them straight up is also one of the best culinary experiences you will ever have.

So you'd like to make your lover more sexually aroused when you two are getting frisky...

So you’d like to make your lover more sexually aroused when you two are getting frisky…

Getting a woman really sexually aroused not only guarantees that the pleasure she experiences during lovemaking will be mind-blowing, but also makes it easier for her to achieve an orgasm.

Now while you may already be quite familiar with the things that never fail to get your lover going between the sheets, there are also mistakes that can ruin her sexual mood in no time.

So if you’re looking to really get her freak on the next time you’re feeling frisky, make sure you follow along to find out what these mistakes are…

You don’t clean your bedroom.

I know this sounds very surprising, but not giving your bedroom the cleaning and organizing it really deserves can greatly affect your lover’s sexual arousal when you two are getting at it.

This is because women need to be very relaxed to reach their sexual arousal peak. Unless they get to this point, there is a chance that their sexual arousal won’t be that intense. When her sexual arousal isn’t that intense, she will have a difficult time getting an orgasm, too.

And one of the biggest ways you can ruin a woman’s relaxation is giving her an eyeful of dust and clutter. Making cleaning and organizing a mainstay in your regular schedule will easily do the trick.

You don’t let her decide how your sex session will play out.

Although your lover tends to be submissive when things get steamy in bed, giving her the chance to call the shots during sex is a very exciting experience for her to the point of taking her sexual arousal off the charts.

Besides making your partner feel that you value her sexual ideas, allowing her to be the boss in the bedroom also encourages her to become more sexually adventurous while at it. How’s that for two for two?

You don’t ask her what she wants

Come to think of it, your lover basically knows all the best stuff that will get her going in bed. Just imagine what you’re missing out if you don’t ask her to guide you what she wants during sex.

Simply think about how easily she’ll reach the Big O when you do this as well.

Whether it’s the way you kiss or perhaps the technique you use when you go down on your partner, you’re definitely going to see a significant change in her sexual arousal when you consult her first before you turn up the heat in the bedroom.

Acing a date isn't something that just happens. Here are a few pointers on how to make it happen.

Acing a first date isn’t something that just happens. Here are a few pointers on how to make it happen.

Acing a first date is something that you work on. Unlike what a lot of so-called “dating gurus” seem to be saying these days, it doesn’t just happen accidentally because of sheer luck.

However, I learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that there are a few key factors that can help boost your chances of making a date successful. Make sure you follow along to find out what they are…

Put extra effort in planning your date.

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are your idea of planning a date only involves picking a nice restaurant and you’re already all set. However, you have to do more than that if you’d like to really impress the woman you’re going out with.

Make it a point to go the extra mile and know certain things about your date like her preferences in food and drink, the music she listens to and the activities that she likes doing. Now integrate all these information into the date you’re planning.

Just imagine how much she’ll be impressed the moment you kick things off.

Plan your outfit carefully.

A woman is a basically a visual person. Most of her impression about you will come from what you wear on your date. If you show up in style, she will tend to see you in a positive light. If your getup is horrible, well…you get the idea.

Keep in mind not to simply grab what you wear on a date at the last minute. Make sure you try on a few test outfits to see which one is the best.

Now while there’s nothing wrong with accessorizing, just remember not to overdo it or else you’ll end up giving her the notion that you’re trying too hard to impress her.

Break the ice with trivial subjects

Engaging your date in a meaningful conversation has a key role in acing it. Unlike what a lot of guys think, your chances of impressing her aren’t in how complicated the topics you’ll touch on will be.

It’s rather in how simple they will be. Make sure you break the ice with trivial subjects. Ask her what the name of her first pet is or the title of her favorite movie, instead of outlining the new really technical computer program you just got.

You’ll be surprised how the conversation will go.

Listen intently.

When it comes to acing a date, making a connection with the woman you’re out with is a priority. Unless you make this connection, there’s a risk that you won’t convince her to go on date number two.

Keep in mind to listen to her intently when the conversation is already in swing. This makes her feel that you are really interested in her, releasing positive hormones. As a bonus, you will also pick up a lot of stuff you can use to dazzle her even more while at it.

Avoid these anal sex mistakes to really make her enjoy the experience.

Avoid these anal sex mistakes to really make her enjoy the experience.

So here’s the situation…

You’ve finally convinced your lover to give anal sex a go. But the problem is you don’t have a clue how it’s really done.

Besides the risk that you’ll just end up hurting her in the process, there’s also the possibility that she won’t give you another chance to do it in the backdoor when you blow this.

So make sure you follow along to find out the anal sex mistakes that you should always avoid to really make the experience amazing for her…

You don’t make her as sexually aroused as you can.

Your lover will find it quite difficult to enjoy anal sex if she isn’t totally into it. This is because it will be a new experience for her and a bit taboo at first, too.

One way to boost your chances of making her enjoy the whole thing is taking her sexual arousal off the charts.

This is because her body will produce a lot of mood-altering hormones that won’t just make her become more receptive to sexual pleasure, but also lower her anal sex inhibitions at the same time. How’s that for two for two?

You don’t have a lot of lube ready.

Unlike regular vaginal sex, you will need ample lubrication to make anal sex pleasurable. Unless you keep her lubed up, there’s a risk that she will feel very uncomfortable while you’re at it and not enjoy even a moment of it.

She can even have an injury in the process since the anus isn’t naturally capable of producing lubrication!

So keep in mind to have a lot of lubrication on hand for your anal sex session. One key thing to remember is having too much lubrication is just right because nothing sucks more than running out of lube in the middle of action.

And one more thing. Go for water-based lubricants since they’ll have a more natural feel for her.

You get fast and furious as soon as you can.

Sure you may have seen it in porn, but thrusting forcefully and quickly right away during anal sex is a very big no-no. This will only lead to disaster.

Besides making the experience painful for her, it’s also possible that this is the last time she’ll ever be convinced of having anal sex.

Start slow and keep at it, unless your lover asks you to go faster and harder.