3 Reasons Why Your Sexual Stamina Is Rapidly Fading

Are you feeling that your sexual stamina is dipping these days? Read this.

Are you feeling that your sexual stamina is dipping these days? Read this.

Your sexual stamina plays a key role when it comes to giving your lover the satisfaction she wants between the sheets.

Now while you’d like your sexual stamina to be as high as ever to really wow her when things get hot in bed, there are often overlooked mistakes guys make that pull it down greatly.

So if you’re looking to keep your sexual stamina as high and intense as ever, make sure you steer clear from these mistakes that can leave you feeling drained right even before the action really starts…

You’re not watching what you eat.

What you load up on each day has a direct effect on your sexual stamina. Your daily diet will only either nourish you and keep your sexual stamina ideal, or perhaps bring it down significantly sooner or later.

Make it a point to eat fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. It’s also a smart idea to have lots of fiber in your diet, especially oatmeal that helps get rid of bad cholesterol.

Now while it’s alright to indulge in your favorite comfort foods like potato chips, pork rinds and pizza from time to time, make sure you keep things moderate so you won’t feel your sexual stamina dipping all of a sudden.

You habitually smoke.

Regular tobacco use has a tremendous effect on your sexual stamina. The loads of harmful chemicals that cigarettes have set off a health issue called vasoconstriction, which forces the channels that blood flow through like blood vessels, veins and arteries to stiffen.

When this happens, blood won’t be able to go where they are supposed to, which can mean disaster when you and your lover are already getting at it in the bedroom. Besides lowering your sexual stamina, this issue in blood flow can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Keep in mind to watch your alcohol consumption while at it since drinking like a fish each time you get the chance can also cause problems in bed.

You don’t exercise regularly.

Having a sedentary lifestyle gradually weakens your sexual stamina because it conditions your body to stay idle most of the time. Even the least physical exertion can leave you exhausted in no time.

Make it a point to have a vigorous exercise regimen for at least 15 to 30 minutes each day and you’re good to go. You can start with low-impact exercises like brisk walking and slow jogging and then move on to more dynamic workouts whenever you feel comfortable.

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