Commonly Overlooked Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

You should start checking how tight your pants are these days...

You should start checking how tight your pants are these days…

I’m pretty sure that you’ve already experienced not rising up to the occasion once or twice when things get hot in the bedroom.

Whether you’re feeling too anxious that you won’t please your lover like she wants or perhaps not totally in the mood for action because you’re down with something, it happens the least you expect.

However, did you know that there are things that a lot of guys usually overlook, but can easily sap their ability to get rock hard sooner or later? Make sure you follow along to find out what these are…

Wearing pants that are just too tight.

I know wearing slim fit pants are considered fashionable these days, but putting them on regularly can have an unfavorable effect on your ability to get rock hard when you and your partner are at it in bed.

This is because you are slowly cutting off blood flow to the pelvic region, which can prevent the erectile tissues in the penis to absorb as much blood to really get you hard in the long run. Sure having on a pair may give you a trendy look, but you’ll never know when the dreaded softie syndrome can strike.

Wearing pairs of underwear that are rather tight can also trigger this effect.

Eating too much junk food.

Now while I am not saying that you should straight up stop indulging in your favorite potato chips, pork rinds, pretzels and similar junk foods, simply going over the top when you load up on them can easily cause a disease called hypertension.

Hypertension basically pushes your blood pressure levels high above than they should. Besides preventing the ideal flow of blood get to where they are supposed to during sexual arousal, it can also constrict the channels where it flows through.

Make it a point to eat them moderately while also having regular bites of oatmeal, fruits and vegetables to easily keep clear from hypertension.

Sitting down too much.

I know this sounds quite surprising, but there’s a scientific explanation to this.

Sitting for very long periods of time disrupts the normal flow of blood to the lower limbs of the body. This also affects the pelvic region, which plays a key role in getting you rock hard during sexual arousal.

Make it a point to sit no more than an hour straight. Having a regular exercise routine also helps a lot to prevent this problem.

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