3 Things Never To Do On A Date

Do you want to boost your chances of acing a date?

Do you want to boost your chances at acing a date?

Let me get this straight first before we go on with today’s post…

No matter how many times you’ve already gone on a date with a woman, you still won’t be able to become a “master” at it like a lot of self-proclaimed “dating gurus” out there are saying.

This is because each date is going to be very unique. Sure there may be factors that will turn out similar as you go along, but every one of them is sure going to be a different experience for you and your date.

Now while I’ve already shared how keeping a close eye on your grooming and listening intently to a woman when you’re engaged in conversation will boost your chances of acing a date, I will now give a few pointers on what not to do during one.

Make sure you read on to find out more…

Never arrive late.

This is definitely one of the biggest dating mistakes that you’ll ever make because it will set off two crucial effects that can easily ruin the whole thing for a woman.

First, it will give your date the impression that you are irresponsible. It really doesn’t matter if you’re only five or ten minutes over the schedule. It will be very tricky for you to establish a connection with her if she starts to feel this way.

Second, arriving late on a date gives a woman the notion you’re really not that interested in her, which already gives you an idea how the rest of it will play out.

Never discuss serious stuff.

Women consider dates as fun social events where they get to know a man better. On the other hand, most guys tend to see them as a chance to kick off a romantic relationship.

Although there’s nothing wrong with discussing serious things if you’ve already made a close connection with a woman, simply breaking the ice with something like her idea of marriage and how many kids she’d like to have is only going to lead to disaster.

Stick with the trivial stuff when having a conversation with your date and you’ll be just fine.

Never assume anything.

I know convincing a woman to go on a date with you is already an achievement, but never think that it’s because she has a crush on you or some similar idea.

Sure this may sound rather crazy, but having this mindset can make you unconsciously do things that can make her feel uncomfortable like being too touchy-feely and being fresh while at it.

Simply bear in mind that it’s either you play your cards right or completely blow your chances.

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