First Date To-Do’s You Always Need To Remember

So you'd like to make a first date successful...

So you’d like to make a first date successful…

Now here’s the situation…

After a long time waiting, the woman you’ve got your eye on finally said yes to going out with you on a first date.

Now while you probably know that keeping a close eye on your hygiene and dressing appropriately should be priorities in your checklist, a lot of guys seem to overlook a few first date to-do’s that can easily ruin the whole thing.

Make sure you keep the following first date essentials in mind so you’ll really impress the woman you are going out with while at it…

Get the details of your first date straightened out.

Unlike what most men mistakenly think, taking a woman out for the first time isn’t just about deciding which place to have your date, pick her up on the day and impressing her all the way so she’ll go out with you again.

Make it a point to have all of the details of your date properly taken care of. Apart from picking the venue, go the extra mile of asking her preferences when it comes to food and drinks. Knowing an activity she likes doing is also an advantage.

This is because you will make your date feel that you really care for her, which is a key factor when you’re looking to build an emotional connection with a woman. In short, that means earning extra brownie points right then and there.

Keep the discussion fun and trivial.

A lot of guys seem to forget that a first date is all about knowing a woman better. It’s not a job interview or something that involves knowing her educational attainment or perhaps political leaning.

Make it a point to keep the discussion as fun and trivial as you can. Being too serious can make the whole thing feel awkward and rather uncomfortable.

And unless she’s the one who brings it up, never talk about marriage and how many kids you’d like to have in the future.Instead, ask her something light like what’s her favorite book or perhaps the name of her first pet.

You will be surprised how free-flowing the discussion will be. Moreover, you’ll also know a few things that you can use to dazzle her even more as you go along with your date.

Be a gentleman.

Showing a bit of chivalry is definitely a must during a first date. Make her feel that you’re a true gentleman by opening doors for her, pulling her chair as well as offering your jacket when the weather’s nippy.

Sure some guys may think that this is rather corny, but you will simply be amazed with the results. Again, it’s extra brownie points right there and you’d definitely want that.



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