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Fire her up in bed faster with these tips...

Fire her up in bed faster with these tips…

Let me get this straight…

There is a very big difference between the sexual arousal of a man and a woman. Unlike guys that can get ready for a bout of lovemaking at the drop of a hat, women need to be eased into it to really get in the mood.

Unless your lover is properly eased into it, chances are she’s either going to find it tricky to get sufficiently wet down there or perhaps she won’t enjoy the experience at all even if you put you’re A-game into it.

However, I’ve discovered a few simple tricks that can help you fire her up in the bedroom faster. So make sure you read on to find out how to turn up the heat quicker the next time you want to get her in the mood…

Prep up meticulously.

I’ll kick things off with something that a lot of guys seem to overlook. Did you know that making it a point to keep a close eye on your hygiene can help speed up your partner’s sexual arousal?

This is because women are very particular with grooming. Unless they think that you look and smell, they won’t be able to get frisky between the sheets no matter how hard you try.

Keep in mind to take regular showers, use deodorant, wear clean clothes and underwear as well as give your gums and teeth the TLC they deserve. Making it a point to get rid of excess facial hair also helps a lot.

Tease her.

One of the things that I learned while researching extensively into the female sexuality is a woman’s brain tends to become more excited for lovemaking if it’s exposed to quick yet varying degrees of stimulation during foreplay.

You can start off with a bit of breast stimulation here and a little clitoral action there. Build up the intensity of your kissing, caressing or perhaps licking little by little and then start over again. You’ll be surprised that it’s your lover who will tell you to take things up a notch sooner or later.

This is also one of the reasons why you should always take things slow and easy during sex.

Ask her what she wants.

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of men make when it comes to sex is thinking that they already know what their partners want in the bedroom. The next time you two start getting frisky, ask her what really gets her going between the sheets.

You’ll be amazed how quick she will get sexually aroused when you do this.

Remember these useful oral sex tips to really dazzle her in bed...

Remember these useful oral sex tips to really dazzle her in bed…

When it comes to giving your lover an amazing time in the bedroom, oral sex is definitely one of the best ways to pull off just that.

However, what a lot of guys mistakenly think is giving a woman mind-blowing oral sex is about making a beeline to her clitoris and vagina and start stimulating them like there’s no tomorrow is the way to do it.

Make sure you read on to learn a few useful pointers to ensure your partner’s utmost pleasure the next time you explore south of her border…

Oral Sex Tip #1: Warm her up first.

No matter what you may see in porn movies, immediately stimulating your lover’s sexy bits as soon as you go down on her isn’t a good idea. This is because a woman needs to get in the mood first so that her body will experience sexual pleasure when you stimulate her orally.

If you do this before she’s feeling the mood to get it on between the sheets, the sensations she’ll experience will only feel flat for her even if you put on your A-game while you’re getting busy down under.

Make it a point to spend a few minutes warming her up first to really get her in the mood.

Oral Sex Tip #2: Take things slow and easy.

No matter what you do, going at your lover’s erogenous zones orally fast and furious is only going to annoy her instead of giving her sexual pleasure. This is because it takes a bit of time for them to get going for stimulation.

Immediately stimulating them like crazy as soon as you get the opportunity will simply feel awkward to the point of being uncomfortable for her. There’s also a chance that you will leave her clitoris and vagina feeling sore in the process.

And when this happens, chances are she’s not going to be in the mood for sex anymore.

Oral Sex Tip #3: Let her guide you.

Sure you may already have an idea of where and how to stimulate your partner during oral sex, but it’s still best to ask her to guide you while at it.

Make it a point to ask your partner as you go along where she wants to be stimulated as well as how soft or hard she likes it. Besides ensuring that she’s going to enjoy every minute of it, this is also a way of making her more adventurous in bed.

Feel that your sexual stamina isn't what it used to? Read this.

Feel that your sexual stamina isn’t what it used to? Read this.

So you’re noticing that your sexual stamina isn’t that intense these days when you and your lover are getting at it between the sheets…

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, you don’t have to reach for pills, creams and other artificial stuff to bring back your sexual stamina to its peak. I’ll give you a few useful pointers on how to do just that when you follow along.

Load up more on the healthy stuff.

I’d like to start off with the most important factor when it comes to maintaining the intensity of your sexual stamina. Did you know that what you regularly munch on plays a significant role how long you’ll last in bed?

See, the foods you eat are basically what the body converts into energy. This energy is what’s going to be used by the system when it’s subjected to vigorous activity like having a sex session with your partner.

If your regular diet is composed of fruits, vegetables and other healthy stuff, your energy levels rise up and help you stay in action in the bedroom.

However, if you eat more junk foods that are simply loaded with salt and grease, then there’s a chance you won’t last as long in bed like you need to. There’s even a possibility that you’ll get sick while at it as well.

Lay off the smokes.

Sure you may already know that habitually puffing on a cigarette destroys your lungs, but did you know that smoking also has an effect on your sexual stamina?

As it turns out, you’re not just inhaling nicotine with every puff of your favorite brand of cigarettes. You’re also introducing a number of toxic chemicals that clog up the passages where blood flows through like arteries, blood vessels and veins.

Apart from making you feel extra sluggish even before the action really started between the sheets, there’s also a chance that your erections aren’t going to be as strong as before in the process.

Make exercise a daily habit.

Sex is essentially a form of exercise. And one way to boost your sexual stamina is to train your body to increase its energy levels by sweating it out in a daily basis.

I am not saying that you should become a hardcore gym buff right away to achieve this. Simply integrating slow jogging or biking in your schedule can do a lot of help to intensifying your sexual stamina.

Exercising vigorously at least 15 to 20 minutes every day already does the trick.

So you want to get her to go out with you again...

So you want to get her to go out with you again…

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are you’d like to make a date as wonderful as you can to convince a woman to go out with you again in the future.

However, unlike what so-called “dating gurus” say, doing just that isn’t about wearing ridiculous outfits or perhaps using rather cheeky pickup lines.

I’ve learned a few useful things during my extensive research into the female psychology to pull this off though. Make sure you read on to find out key mistakes to steer clear of when you’re trying to dazzle a woman during a date…

Dating Mistake #1: You bring a lot of gifts.

Now while giving a woman a simple present during a date is a sweet gesture that definitely earns you a lot of brownie points, bringing too much gifts while at it is already something that sends alarm signals racing in her mind.

This is because you are giving her the notion that you are trying to buy her affection so she will go out with you again sometime. Although I’m not saying that you should never bring a present again on a date, remembering that one will already suffice can help a lot.

Dating Mistake #2: You compliment her a lot.

Let me get this straight. Women like to be complimented. They like to be told how pretty they are, how nice their clothes are or perhaps how their shoes fit them perfectly.

However, the thing is churning out a barrage of compliments in a very short period of time makes a woman feel that you’re not just pulling her leg, but also give her the notion that you’re some guy that she couldn’t trust.

Keep in mind that giving her a couple of sincere, well-timed compliments already does the trick.

Dating Mistake #3: You get too touchy-feely.

Although having physical contact during a date is inevitable, deliberately getting touchy-feely with a woman before you even build an emotional connection with her is an absolute no-no.

Apart from making her feel awkward and annoyed, there will also be a sudden spike of stress hormones in her body. And when this happens, she will feel anxious, impatient and just wanting to leave in no time.

One thing you can do is wait for her to touch you first. If you play cards right, chances are she will sooner or later so just be patient and stay cool.