Things That You Didn’t Know Helped Her Get In The Mood For Sex

I'm sure you're going to be inspired to clean your bedroom more often after reading this...

I’m sure you’re going to clean your bedroom more often after reading this…

I’m pretty sure that you’d like to get your lover going for sex as quickly as you can.

However, unlike men that can get ready for action in the bedroom at the drop of a hat, women need to be eased into it slowly or else they’re going to find it tricky to do just that.

During my extensive research into the female psychology though, I discovered a few simple things that can help boost her sexual arousal when you’re trying to heat her up between the sheets.

Make sure you follow along to find out more…

Cleaning your bedroom is a sexual boost for women.

That statement sounds rather unbelievable, right? Well, as it turns out, making it a point to keep your bedroom spic and span is one effective way that your lover can get ready for sex quickly.

This is because women need to be totally relaxed before they can get really sexually aroused. Unless they feel that way, their brains won’t stimulate the endocrine glands to release the right hormones that get them in the mood for lovemaking.

Your partner’s brain will still release mood-altering hormones though when you try to heat her up for sex when she’s not that relaxed, but they will be mixed with their stress counterparts in the process.

And she won’t be completely sexually aroused as a result.

Compliments can get her wet down there.

Now while I don’t want to send the message that simply saying a good thing about your partner will immediately get her gushing, complimenting her is a form of mental stimulation that you can use to make her sexually aroused.

See, saying something good about her, like how round and firm her breasts are or perhaps how vivacious her hips and legs look, her brain releases small amounts of feel-good hormones that also play key roles in sexual arousal.

Just think what they can do when you’ve managed to release a lot of them…

One thing to keep in mind though: never overdo the compliments or you’ll sound phony, which will just lead to the opposite results.

Keep your facial hair trimmed.

I’m sure you’re asking what facial hair’s got to do with making a woman sexually aroused right now, but you’re sure to find this bit interesting…

Did you know that apart from making you look unkempt, too much facial hair can also ruin her pleasure when you give her oral sex? Just keep things trimmed and clean and you’ll be alright.

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