How To Really Give Her An Amazing Oral Sex Session

Oral sex, you say? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Oral sex, you say? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Going down on your lover when things get steamy between the sheets is one of the best ways to give her a mind-blowing orgasm or two while at it.

However, unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, pulling off just that isn’t about zeroing in on a woman’s erogenous zones, particularly the vagina and clitoris, and stimulating them like there’s no tomorrow.

Besides making your partner feel that you’re rushing things and ruining her sexual mood, doing so will also make her erogenous zones tender and sore, which can mean game over for your sex session.

So if you’re looking to really give her an oral sex experience that will blow her mind, here are a few useful tips to keep in mind:

Warm her up properly.

Getting a woman going for sex the right way is a priority if you’d like to really make her enjoy oral sex like she wants. This is because if she’s properly sexually aroused, her sexy bits would be more receptive to stimulation.

If she’s not, the stimulation you’ll do will only feel rather uncomfortable for her. One way to do this is starting things off with a bit of sensuous foreplay. Build the sexual tension slowly until she can’t take it anymore.

And when she tells you to start the oral action or point your head to her breasts, vagina or clitoris, that’s your cue to get to work south of her border.

Take things slow and easy.

No matter how tempted you are to go full speed ahead when you go down on your lover, keep in mind that the best way to do it is to take things slow and easy.

As it turns out, a woman needs to “prepare” her erogenous zones for the intensity of oral sex. If you prematurely crank up the action right from the start, she’ll only feel sore and…well, I think you know what will happen next.

It’s either she will feel annoyed and stop the whole thing altogether or perhaps feel uncomfortable right until the very end. Remember to go at it smoothly and you’ll surely get boost your chances of getting the job done when you are down under.

Listen to her cues.

Akin to what I’ve told you earlier, listening or having a feel for your lover’s cues when you’re giving her oral sex is a nice way to really give her an amazing time.

Never go faster until she says so. Never go harder until she says so. Sure this may sound slow and boring right now, but you’ll definitely find this piece of information very useful when you give this tip a try.

(And one more thing…never turn to porn movies for sexual advice. Ever.)

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