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So she's not that interested in sex these days...

So she’s not that interested in sex these days…

So you’re noticing that your lover is not that excited to get in action between the sheets with you as much as before…

Well, if you’re anything like most men, this is a problem that can be rather unnerving. However, there’s still no need to worry just yet. There is a chance that you’re simply making the following mistakes that ruin her sexual mood…

You’re NOT keeping a close eye on your hygiene.

Let’s start things off with the biggest factor that can sap your lover’s mood to get frisky with you in bed: hygiene. Come to think of it. Would you be sexually aroused if you were to put yourself in her shoes?

At its simplest, there is no way you can convince your partner to get down and dirty with you in the bedroom if you don’t give your hygiene the attention it really deserves. Make it a point to always take regular showers, use deodorant and get rid of excess facial hair that can give you an unkempt appearance.

While you’re at it, give your bedroom a meticulous cleaning to take the whole thing up a notch. You’ll be surprised how much eager she will be for lovemaking if your bedroom is spic and span.

You’re NOT taking things slow and easy.

Compared to guys that can get ready for sex at the drop of a hat, women need to be eased into it or else they won’t be that hot to trot no matter how hard you try.

Now while men can trigger their sexual mood by simply seeing that things are getting steamy, women need to build up their emotions to really get themselves going for lovemaking. If you rush things, chances are she will only be annoyed and become quite stressed.

In short, no action between the sheets. And that will be simply frustrating for you, won’t it? Make sure you heat your partner up by giving her sizzling foreplay techniques and oral sex that will wow her.

You’re NOT focusing on her pleasure.

Admit it. There are times when you just get to action in the bedroom right away and find yourself not satisfying your lover like she’s always wanted during sex.

And if this happens just every time you make love, she’ll have the notion that you’re just not giving her the sexual attention she really needs and make her feel left out.

Make it a point to always put her satisfaction first when things get steamy between the sheets. Apart from ensuring her sexual pleasure, it won’t be that tricky to make her reach orgasm as well.

Scoring a second date is not about luck...

Scoring a second date is not about luck…

Here’s the scenario…

You’re on a first date with a woman you’ve got your eye on for a very long time and naturally you’d like to ace the whole thing to convince her to go out with you a second time.

However, unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, it’s not luck that helps you ace first dates. It’s actually keeping in mind a few important things that can easily make or break your chances of pulling off just that.

And I would just like to emphasize that this article isn’t about “surefire pick-up lines” or perhaps fashion statements that so-called “dating gurus” claim mesmerize women. Make sure you follow to learn more…

Plan your date carefully.

A great date doesn’t just happen. It needs a bit of preparation. Now while spontaneity plays a key role in making a date successful, making it a point to plan a few specific details goes a long way.

Details like the venue of your date or perhaps the food you’ll be having. Just imagine how tricky it will be to impress the woman you’re out with if you bring her to a noisy, crowded place or perhaps the stuff that’s served gives her allergies.

Keep in mind that the better your date plan is, the higher your chances are of acing it.

Choose the right topics to discuss.

Building an emotional connection with your date is key to convince her that she should go out with you again. And doing just that involves knowing what to talk about to really break the ice.

You can kick things off by asking very trivial things like what her favorite book or movie is. The simpler, the better. You’ll only end up giving her the notion that you’re trying too hard to impress her if you’d open with technical stuff like politics, philosophy and religion.

Make it a point to listen to your date intently as well. Besides learning a lot of interesting things about her that you can use to dazzle her even more as you go along, you’ll also make her feel more comfortable around you.

Keep things fun.

A first date is about knowing a woman better and showing that you’re a fun guy to be with. Have fun, share a few laughs and try to learn as much as you can about her. No matter how much you like the woman you’re out with, never rush things or else you’ll only end up looking desperate.

And if she thinks that…well, you already have an idea what will happen.

(Remember not to wear tight pants while you’re at it, too.)

So you're popping off too soon during sex nowadays...

So you’re popping off too soon during sex nowadays…

I’ve been receiving lots of emails from readers these past few days from readers who are a bit worried why they’re going off too soon during lovemaking.

And if you’re experiencing from the same problem, don’t ever think about reaching for pills, creams and similar artificial stuff that claim to help you extend your bedroom playing time.

Maybe you’re just making a few mistakes that can be easily corrected. Follow along to find out what these are and give your lover a sex session she won’t be forgetting anytime soon…

You are extremely worried that you will ejaculate prematurely.

If you’ve been following HowToLastLongInBed.com for a while now, you probably already know that the brain plays a very important role when it comes to making love.

Besides prepping you up during sexual arousal by stimulating the endocrine system to produce and release positive hormones like oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine that make your skin extra sensitive to stimulation and get an erection going.

Interestingly, these hormones also have the ability to prevent premature ejaculation.

That is if their negative counterparts, such as cortisol and adrenaline, don’t get in the picture. They just set off effects that are opposite their positive cousins produce. And worrying too much that you’ll come too soon is the biggest factor why they are let loose in the body.

So relax and enjoy the whole thing as much as you can and you’ll be alright.

You don’t masturbate often.

Now while this may sound surprising, not masturbating regularly can be a prime reason why you’re suffering from premature ejaculation.

See, giving yourself a round or two of self-loving in a regular basis helps the brain maintain its ability to release the right hormones during sexual arousal, from achieving a stable erection to ensuring that you’ll have a satisfying orgasm to warp the whole thing up.

What’s even more awesome about regularly masturbating is you can easily gauge when you’re at your sexual peak, so you can ease up the action and prevent coming quicker than you’d like.

You go too fast.

Ejaculation is basically a process that is triggered by the body when the penis is sufficiently stimulated.

However, it can be set off prematurely if you go through the whole thing too fast. The next time you and your lover get busy in bed, make it a point to go as slow and easy as you can and you’ll be surprised how long you will last while at it.

Here's how smoking can ruin your sex life...

Here’s how smoking can ruin your sex life…

So you have the habit of smoking to relieve stress and relax…

Well, to tell you the truth, you’re already putting your sex life at risk of crumbling down if you’re a chronic smoker. Still not convinced to kick the habit anytime soon?

Here are a few reasons that may just help you change your mind…

Smoking makes you smell really bad.

If you’ve been reading HowToLastLongInBed.com posts for a while now, I’m pretty sure that you already came across lots of articles where I’ve emphasized that hygiene plays a key role when it comes the getting a woman sexually aroused.

And let’s kick things off with the most noticeable effect of smoking. You’re going to smell like an ashtray. And if your lover is anything like most women, she won’t be that hot for action between the sheets if you reeked of cigarette smoke.

Just to make things worse, smoking habitually also causes your breath to stink and your teeth to stain, which will surely sap her sexual arousal even more.

Smoking sets off a shortage of testosterone.

The male sex hormone called testosterone is responsible for your sex drive and getting your body ready for lovemaking. You will simply feel not up to sex as much as before when its levels dip down in your system.

And one of the biggest causes of dropping testosterone levels in the body? Smoking in a regular basis. As it turns out, cigarettes contain numerous toxic chemicals that can affect the production of testosterone sooner or later.

Moreover, these chemicals also set off a lot of serious health problems in the long run like emphysema, lung cancer, tooth decay and high blood pressure, which can greatly affect your sexual performance.

Smoking tightens the blood channels.

Did you know that every puff you have when you light up a cigarette sends a lot of toxic chemicals straight to your bloodstream almost instantly? And when this happens, an effect called vasoconstriction is triggered.

Vasoconstriction is basically the unnatural tightening of blood vessels as a reaction to the toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke. This makes the blood flow through them extremely difficult. Besides causing erectile dysfunction, your sexual stamina is also going to be compromised.

If not given the right medical attention, vasoconstriction can lead to very serious health risks like hypertension, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular problems that can become fatal.

So are you ready to quit yet?