First Date Mistakes That You Should Always Keep Clear Of

Stop worrying about your upcoming first date and read this.

Stop worrying about your upcoming first date and read this.

Going on a first date is something a lot of guys dread because they mistakenly think that they’ll blow it because it’s something really complicated.

Now while I am not saying that acing a first date is a breeze, you can easily raise your chances of pulling it off if you know a few mistakes that can hinder you from doing just that. Make sure you follow along to learn more…

Don’t wing it.

Unlike what a lot of guys believe, having a fantastic first date isn’t about luck. It’s actually about how much planning you put into it. Relying purely on chance easily puts the outcome of your first date at risk of becoming a disaster sooner or later.

Make it a point to get the details of your first date straightened out before the big night (or day, depending on when you’ll have it). Take care of the venue, the food you’ll have and the activities you’ll do while at it.

You will also show your date that you’re not just responsible and trustworthy, which are strong attributes women love, but also decisive. How’s that for starting things off with a bang?

Don’t be too submissive.

Sure you’d like to give the woman you’re out with the notion that you are agreeable to start building an emotional connection with her, but overdoing the whole thing can make her feel that you’re just manipulating her so you’d appear likable.

From another point of view, there is also a possibility that she will see you as a guy who can’t stand up for yourself, which is easily a no-no in a woman’s dating book.

Remember that it’s alright to express your ideas when engaging in a conversation with your date even if they’re conflicting with hers. Just keep things light and fun while at it though and you’ll be okay.

Don’t be too generous with your compliments.

Although it’s not a secret that women like to be complimented, overdoing it can be rather annoying to your date. See, once a woman feels that your compliments are piling up like crazy, her brain immediately sends out messages to the endocrine glands to release stress hormones.

And when this happens, your date will become more anxious and rather uncomfortable being with you.

Always remember to keep your compliments genuine and just mention the ones that you really like, too. There’s no point complimenting your date about something you don’t really like about her, right?

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