3 First Date No-No’s You Need To Keep In Mind

These mistakes can prevent you from getting that second date...

These mistakes can prevent you from getting that second date…

I’m pretty sure that scoring a second date is on top of your checklist when you’re taking out a woman you like for the very first time.

And unlike what a lot of so-called “dating gurus” are saying, there are no magic techniques that ensure that you’re going to do just that instantly.

However, apart from making sure that you look and smell good, I learned a few useful tips during my extensive research into the female psychology that may just help you boost your chances of convincing your date to go out with you again if you play your cards right.

Make sure you read on to learn what they are…

Don’t take the small details of your date for granted.

A successful date doesn’t just happen because you’re really lucky. A bit of planning goes a very long way to achieve this. It is really smart to take care of key details like the venue, knowing if she’s allergic to stuff as well as what her favorite foods and drinks are.

Come to think of it. Just winging the whole thing all the way will only lead to disaster sooner or later. Remember not to make it too fancy though to avoid giving her the notion that you are trying too hard to impress her.

Don’t go for serious topics when you have a conversation.

One of the things a lot of guys mistakenly believe is talking about something intellectual during a first date makes them look smart to a woman. Well, I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but it only does the opposite.

Keep in mind that picking trivial things to break the ice is the best option. Ask her about her favorite book or what her favorite movie is. Ask what her favorite dessert is or perhaps what her favorite activities during summer are.

Sure this may sound surprising, but simple things go a very long way during a first date conversation. In my opinion, the woman you’re taking out for the first time will gladly talk about stuff she is really familiar with than stuff you only think can earn you brownie points.

Don’t make her feel she bores you.

Listening to your date is very important if you’d like to convince her to go out with you again because it sets off a process in her body that makes her more comfortable with you. When she feels you are listening to her intently, her brain releases positive hormones.

These hormones take away her anxiety and nervousness about the whole thing. And when that happens, she will be more open and game with you, which easily means your chances of a second date have just become higher.

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