Reasons Why She Isn’t A Fan Of Anal Sex

So she's always like this when you want to have anal sex...

So she’s always like this when you want to have anal sex…

If you’re a guy reading this, chances are anal sex is in your bucket list of stuff to do in the bedroom with your lover.

However, you’re just noticing that your partner is not that hot on doing it in the backdoor when things get steamy between the sheets. There’s no need to worry just yet though.

You’re just probably making the following simple mistakes…

You’re not asking her nicely about it.

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of women don’t like the idea of having anal sex with their lovers is guys don’t ask them nicely about it. They tend to “accidentally” penetrate their partners sexually in the anus during lovemaking instead.

Come to think of it. If you put yourself in your lover’s place when that happens, would that move work? Well, you know what the answer would be. So it’s either you discuss it with her intently beforehand or don’t ever try to pull that off again.

Make it a point to discuss anal sex with her when you two still aren’t getting busy in bed. Tell her you’d like to try it once during lovemaking. If you play your cards right, she might even be game for it right then and there.

You’re not using the right lubricant.

There is a chance that you’ve already convinced your partner to have anal sex with you, but you blew it by not keeping one very important thing in mind…

The lubricant you are using is not the ideal one that is perfectly appropriate for anal sex. Rather than using a water-based one that keeps the skin moisturized and lubricated at the same time, you are going for an oil-based lubricant that easily promotes dryness.

And as an additional effect, it can irritate the skin and trigger a case of rash and similar issues. Make it a point to grab the right lubricant and you’re definitely good to go. Get a couple of bottles of it, too, since you are going to need a lot if you want the whole thing to be as smooth as possible.

You’re going too fast.

Anal sex is supposed to be slow and easy. It’s not something shown in porn movies that’s wild and crazy as soon as the action happens. Compared to the vagina, the anus needs more time to ease up during sex and it will only lead to disaster if you go at it fast and furious as soon as you get your chance.

Keep in mind that slow and easy does it all the time.

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