Simple Mistakes Why She Doesn’t Want To Have Sex As Often As Before

So she's not that interested in sex these days...

So she’s not that interested in sex these days…

So you’re noticing that your lover is not that excited to get in action between the sheets with you as much as before…

Well, if you’re anything like most men, this is a problem that can be rather unnerving. However, there’s still no need to worry just yet. There is a chance that you’re simply making the following mistakes that ruin her sexual mood…

You’re NOT keeping a close eye on your hygiene.

Let’s start things off with the biggest factor that can sap your lover’s mood to get frisky with you in bed: hygiene. Come to think of it. Would you be sexually aroused if you were to put yourself in her shoes?

At its simplest, there is no way you can convince your partner to get down and dirty with you in the bedroom if you don’t give your hygiene the attention it really deserves. Make it a point to always take regular showers, use deodorant and get rid of excess facial hair that can give you an unkempt appearance.

While you’re at it, give your bedroom a meticulous cleaning to take the whole thing up a notch. You’ll be surprised how much eager she will be for lovemaking if your bedroom is spic and span.

You’re NOT taking things slow and easy.

Compared to guys that can get ready for sex at the drop of a hat, women need to be eased into it or else they won’t be that hot to trot no matter how hard you try.

Now while men can trigger their sexual mood by simply seeing that things are getting steamy, women need to build up their emotions to really get themselves going for lovemaking. If you rush things, chances are she will only be annoyed and become quite stressed.

In short, no action between the sheets. And that will be simply frustrating for you, won’t it? Make sure you heat your partner up by giving her sizzling foreplay techniques and oral sex that will wow her.

You’re NOT focusing on her pleasure.

Admit it. There are times when you just get to action in the bedroom right away and find yourself not satisfying your lover like she’s always wanted during sex.

And if this happens just every time you make love, she’ll have the notion that you’re just not giving her the sexual attention she really needs and make her feel left out.

Make it a point to always put her satisfaction first when things get steamy between the sheets. Apart from ensuring her sexual pleasure, it won’t be that tricky to make her reach orgasm as well.

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