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Make her want to go down on you...

Make her want to go down on you…

If you’re a guy checking this out, chances are getting oral action from your lover when things get hot in the bedroom is one of the things that are on your sexual checklist…

However, the problem is you just can’t seem to convince your partner to go down on you no matter how hard you try.

There’s no need to worry just yet though. You’re probably making the following mistakes that prevent her from pleasuring you down under…

You’re not keeping an eye on your hygiene.

This is one thing a lot of guys seem to overlook. If you’d like your lover to eagerly give you oral sex, then making sure that your overall hygiene is up to par is definitely a priority.

Come to think of it, if you were to put yourself in your lover’s shoes, would you look forward to giving her oral stimulation if she’s not that fresh down there? Well, there’s your answer.

Keep in mind to make it a habit take regular showers, use deodorant as well as trimming off excess shrubbery down there when they’re getting too bushy, if you know what I mean.

You’re not asking her nicely.

Being bossy can cost you a blowjob.

Let’s do the same experiment that we did earlier. How would you feel if your lover sounded like she’s bossing you around to give her oral sex? Will you still be that excited to go down on her? Will you have the notion that you’re forced to do something you don’t like?


Try to be extra nice and romantic the next time and you’ll be surprised how things will go smoothly. You can also use a tone of voice that makes her feel she’s calling the shots so she’ll be more adventurous between the sheets.

You don’t give her oral sex.

Remember the golden rule?

If you want your lover to go down on you, make it a point to give her oral sex as much as you can. This compels her to pay it forward and give you oral action herself during your next sexy romp in the bedroom.

Don’t think of the whole thing as a burden that you need to go through to satisfy your partner sexually. Think of it as something that will spice up your lovemaking sessions and make her want as much sex as she can.

Isn’t that your fantasy all along?

Do you find yourself coming too soon these days? Read this!

Do you find yourself coming too soon these days? Read this!

So you’re finding yourself coming too soon when things get hot in the bedroom these days…

No need to reach for pills, creams, salves and similar artificial stuff to stave off premature ejaculation yet though. Besides the fact that they don’t work, chances are you’ll be at risk of possible health issues that can result from doing so in the long run.

Are you looking to extend your bedroom playing time the next time you and your lover get frisky between the sheets? Here are a few key tips to keep in mind to pull off just that without a hitch:


Now while this may sound a bit simplistic, not making it a point to relax as much as you can during sex easily makes you pop too soon no matter how hard you try. This is because the brain fires up the endocrine glands to release a more than usual amount of stress hormones.

And when this happens, you won’t just find it rather tricky to last long in bed, but there’s also a very big possibility that you’ll find it difficult to get ready for lovemaking.

If you were wondering what stress hormones did to the body when they get in the picture during lovemaking, they simply disrupted the overall sexual arousal process and make the whole thing go haywire before you know it.

Take things slow and easy.

If you’re a guy reading this, chances are you just find yourself going full speed ahead when things get steamy in bed. This is actually one of the biggest reasons why you are coming too soon.

Make it a point to really keep things as slow and easy as you can so you won’t be coming a lot sooner than expected. Apart from disappointing yourself, you will also disappoint your lover more in the process. A lot on her part, too.

You can also resort to oral sex just to make sure you’re not popping anytime soon. Getting your fingers in action is also a smart idea. (Here are a few simple oral sex tips to help you get started on this.)

Focus on her pleasure.

Getting too conscious about your sexual pleasure during lovemaking makes you feel nervous. And when you feel nervous, the brain stimulates the endocrine system to produce and release stress hormones.

And when stress hormones are released…well, you get the picture. So make it a point to focus on her the whole time and you’ll be fine.

So you're looking to score a second date...

So you’re looking to score a second date…

I’m sure the ultimate goal you have when you’re taking a woman out for the first time is scoring a second date…

However, what really disappoints me a lot is the way some so-called “dating gurus” give out advice that tend to do more harm than good to guys looking to achieve this.

Just to give it to you straight, there are no specific words that can make your date fall for you or perhaps a rather garish method of dressing that boosts your attractiveness to women like these self-proclaimed dating experts emphasize.

Now while there are no magic bullets that can instantly make you convince a woman to go out on a date with you again, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid to help boost your chances of pulling off the same.

Make sure you read on to find out what these are…

You don’t keep a close eye on your hygiene.

Here’s the thing…

You’re already at risk of not convincing the woman you’re on a date to go out a second time with you if you didn’t give your hygiene the attention it deserves the moment you show up.

See, women are very particular with the way a guy looks and smells. If your date feels that your hygiene isn’t up to par, chances are she won’t be that eager to have another rendezvous with you anytime soon.

So make it a point to take a meticulous shower, splash on some deodorant, pick decent clothes (and not some eccentric number like some “gurus” say) as well as give your teeth and gums a good cleaning. Interestingly, knowing you look good also boosts the happy hormones in your body, making you feel more confident.

You are simply free-wheeling it.

Although spontaneity is something women really appreciate during a date, leaving all of its details unplanned will lead to problems sooner or later. You should pick a place that’s nice where you can talk properly and enjoy each other’s company without a hitch.

Simply picking a venue at the last minute is a recipe for disaster. This doesn’t mean that you should go for an extra posh restaurant either. It will make your date feel that you’re either snooty or trying too hard to impress her.

Asking her where she wants to have your date is also a great idea.

You are overdoing it on the booze.

Now while it isn’t prohibited at all to have alcoholic beverages on a date, indulging too much in your favorite brew while at it can easily lead to things that can prevent you from scoring a second one.

(And just to make things scarier, guzzling too much alcohol frequently can lead to issues in the bedroom as well.)

Apart from affecting the way you talk and interact with your date, chances are you’ll be doing something regretful on your part without even knowing it. How’s that for a second date deal breaker?

Eat these if you're looking to always get strong erections.

Eat these if you’re looking to always get strong erections.

I am really disappointed at what a lot of self-proclaimed “sex gurus” tell guys when it comes to maintaining the strength of their erections…

These gurus recommend that they should get their hands on pills, creams and other artificial stuff that can do more harm than good when it comes to getting rock hard on demand during sex and staying that way until orgasm is achieved.

Now while this may sound surprising, you can actually keep your ability to get strong erections going each and every time by simply improving your regular diet. Make sure you read on to find out what stuff you should load up on:

Foods loaded with fiber.

Getting hard during sexual arousal is actually a process. As soon as the brain detects that things are getting steamy between you and your lover, it immediately fires up the endocrine system to churn out mood-altering hormones that trigger significant changes that prep up the body for action in bed.

One of these changes is spiking up the heart rate, which promotes a more than usual amount of blood directed to the pelvic region. Most of this blood is sent to the spongy erectile tissues in the penis to firm it up. As soon as they get all the blood they need, you’re going to get an erection.

However, something disrupts this process when you lack fiber in your body. Instead of pumping all the blood they need to get rock hard, the erectile tissues in the penis will find that tricky because of health issues that can arise from this like hypertension and the build-up of bad cholesterol.

Loading up on fiber-rich foods is sure to get you on the right track again.

Foods rich in essential fatty acids.

The brain plays a key role when it comes to lovemaking, from the point where you get in the mood for sex to the time you reach orgasm. In short, your sexual function can be significantly affected sooner or later if something happens to your gray matter.

Make it a point to have brain foods in your regular diet checklist. These include oily fish like sardines, anchovies, salmon and trout, whole grains like brown rice, whole grain breads and oatmeal, avocados, nuts and seeds like flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, cashews and almonds as well as blueberries.

So if you’re looking to always get rock hard when things are getting steamy in the bedroom, make it a point to load up on these stuff.