3 Things That Make Your Lover Avoid Sex

Here's why she's not that excited for sex...

Here’s why she’s not that excited for sex…

If you’re anything like most men, chances are you’d like to have sex as much as you want with your lover.

However, you’re simply noticing that she’s not that interested when it comes to getting down and dirty between the sheets as before these days. There’s no need to worry just yet though.

There is a very big chance that you’re making the following mistakes that prevent your partner from feeling the groove whenever you’re feeling frisky…

Sexual Mood Buster #1: A messy bedroom

What’s really interesting about women is they have a very soft spot with cleanliness. Unless they think that a place is spic and span, they will have a tough time getting fully relaxed.

And if you’ve been following HowToLastLongInBed.com for a while now, you probably already know that relaxation is an essential factor when sexual arousal among women is concerned. It’s as simple as your lover won’t be that receptive to your sexual advances if she thinks your bedroom is dirty and disorganized.

This is because her brain stimulates stress hormones instead of the ones needed to fire her up for action between the sheets.

Sexual Mood Buster #2: An unruly beard or mustache

Foreplay is a crucial part of lovemaking and ensures that she’ll achieve orgasm while at it if you play your cards right.

If you can’t warm up your lover during that time, chances are she won’t be that eager to become really sexually aroused when you start working your magic. And one of the worst things to have when you want to kick things off with foreplay? Excess facial hair like an unruly mustache or beard.

Apart from making you look unkempt, that bushy beard or mustache will also feel rather awkward and annoying for your partner, especially if you’re prepping up to give her a mind-blowing oral sex session. Make it a point to keep your face as clean as possible and you’re on the right track.

Sexual Mood Buster #3: You’re simply rushing things with her sexy spots

Sure going at it with your lover in the bedroom is one of the most pleasurable experiences you can ever have, but simply rushing things like there’s no tomorrow can easily make her avoid sex sooner or later.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly believe, there is no correlation between the speed of how quickly you stimulate a woman’s erogenous zones like the nipples, clitoris and inner thighs and how fast she will experience sexual pleasure.

It’s actually the opposite. The slower you go, the more pleasure she will feel.

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