3 Simple Ways To Get Rock Hard When You Want

These simple tips will surely help you rise up to the occasion every time.

These simple tips will surely help you rise up to the occasion every time.

If you are a guy checking this out, there is a very big chance that getting a strong erection is your top priority when you and your lover are getting things hot in bed.

However, you’re simply noticing that it’s either you are taking a longer time rising up to the occasion or perhaps your erections are not as strong as they used to these days…

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think though, there’s no need to reach for medicines, creams, so-called “special potions” and similar stuff to ensure that you’re always going to get rock hard on demand when you and your partner are getting frisky between the sheets.

Here are a few simple ways to pull off just that without a fuss…

Masturbate frequently.

Did you know that pleasuring yourself helps boost your brain’s ability to produce and release mood-altering hormones to get a strong erection going? Doing it at least three to four times a week can help you “train” your brain to get in action instantly. As an added bonus, solo sex also helps you gauge when you’re the most sexually aroused, so you can easily prevent coming too soon during lovemaking.

Load up on the right stuff.

Having a lot of healthy foods in regular diet is a must if you’d like to achieve stable erections each and every time during sex. Apart from getting as much vitamins and minerals to keep your body functioning up to par, fruits, vegetables and similar treats filled with good stuff also ensure that the flow of blood in your system is going to stay optimum.

See, ideal blood flow plays a key role in getting erections and maintaining them. When the erectile tissues in the penis don’t get enough blood during sexual arousal, it’s either you won’t get hard as much as you want and your erection will fizzle out without warning or perhaps you’ll stay limp the whole time.

Make sure you munch on foods with high fiber content like oats, nuts and seeds to really get the job done. And while we’re on the subject, steer clear from junk and processed treats as much as you can. Although having a bite of them once in a while is just fine, making them a mainstay in your daily diet can lead to erection problems sooner or later.

Exercise in a regular basis.

Sweating it out at least 15 minutes every day helps your body maintain ideal blood flow. This doesn’t mean you have to take on very rigorous workouts at the gym to do this, too. Low-impact exercises like jogging, brisk walking and weights training will already help you achieve the results you need to maintain the optimal flow of blood in your system to always get strong erections.

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