A Couple Of Big Dating Mistakes You Should Keep In Mind

So you want to boost your chances of acing a date...

So you want to boost your chances of acing a date…

Now while I don’t mean any offense in saying this, you may be making a few mistakes that can easily break your chances of scoring a second date with a woman you like…

Sure you may already know that keeping a close eye on how you look and smell means a lot to your date, not mentioning listening to her intently, there are a few things a lot of guys tend to overlook that can make it tricky for them to convince a woman to go out for a second date.

So if you’re looking to boost your chances of acing a date each and every time, here are some mistakes that you should steer clear of to pull off just that:

You are touchy-feely.

Although touch is the most basic mode of communication humans have (you can even express ideas using this without saying even a single thing), simply copping a feel before you’ve established a solid connection with your date is a very big no-no.

No matter how innocent you think it may be, touching a woman you barely know only gives her the notion that you’re a creep, which will surely bring down your chances of acing your date and convincing her to go out with you again.

Let her take the initiative of touching you first. Besides giving you an idea that she likes you, it also means you can reciprocate later with harmless gestures of your own without making her feel awkward in any way. Playing your cards right when this happens can easily guarantee a second date.

You bring her somewhere posh and expensive.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, it doesn’t mean that the more expensive and exclusive the place you’ll take her to, the better your chances will be when it comes to acing your date.

Sure taking a woman to a nice place earns you brownie points, but overdoing it gives her the notion that you’re already trying too hard to impress her. And this can make her feel that you’re a phony who’s just trying to pull a fast one on her.

Keep in mind that the best dating venues are places where you and your date can talk and act freely. A smart option you can go for is her favorite bar or deli. Since she is already familiar with the place and chances are she knows the patrons hanging out there as well, she won’t be that reserved during your date.

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