How To Know If She Is REALLY Sexually Aroused

Here are a few tips to know if she is really ready for lovemaking...

Here are a few tips to know if she is really ready for lovemaking…

If you’re a guy reading this, chances are you find it tricky to determine if your lover is really ready for action between the sheets from time to time.

(Come to think of it, you only have to zero in on a single body part to know if a man is prepped up for sex.)

And quite interestingly, it’s not that sexy for a woman when you immediately make a beeline for her genitals just to see if she’s already in the mood for lovemaking.

However, there are some tell-tale signs that can easily give you an idea if your partner is truly fired up for lovemaking. Make sure you read on to learn what they are and figure out without a hitch if she’s really up for a sex session in no time.

Her skin becomes redder and more sensitive.

During sexual arousal, the brain stimulates the endocrine glands to pump out certain hormones that cause key changes in the human body. One of these major changes is making the skin more sensitive to the touch because these hormones intensify the sensations it can perceive several times more than usual.

Moreover, blood flow is also increased in her system, which results to her skin taking on a more reddish tinge. Some women can also have scattered red spots in and around their erogenous zones like the neck, breasts and back of the neck.

Her breathing gets faster and shallower.

Because of the surge of mood-altering hormones let loose in her system, your partner’s breathing changes when she is genuinely sexually aroused. Perhaps the best way to describe it is she seems to be in the middle of a low-impact workout like a slow jog or a moderate spin on a bike.

This happens because the body experiences a spike in heart rate, which sends a more than usual amount of blood in the body, resulting to an increase in oxygen intake. This normally becomes faster and shallower as you two go along getting at it in the bedroom, too.

The change in breathing pattern also has a more sensual purpose. It picks up the pace on the sending of neural messages that are translated into pleasurable sensations the moment they reach the brain.

Her nipples become erect.

Due to the increased flow of blood in your lover’s system, her nipples tend to become firm and erect when she is really sexually aroused. They get harder than usual and will feel more resilient when stimulated.

There is also a similar effect to the clitoris when this takes place. The head of the clitoris becomes swollen and feels firmer than it normally is.

Now we’ve got that covered, you should eat this if you want to become a better lover.

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