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So she is not that excited to have sex with you anymore...

So she is not that excited to have sex with you anymore…

You’re noticing that your lover isn’t that eager to get down and dirty with you between the sheets anymore. And no matter how hard you try, she still isn’t that excited to get frisky in bed.

There’s no need to worry just yet though. Here are a few mistakes you should always remember to keep clear of to make sure she is ready for action in the bedroom the moment you get rather frisky:

You don’t pay close attention to your hygiene.

Let’s start things off with the thing that a lot of guys seem to overlook when it comes to getting their partners ready for lovemaking: proper hygiene. Just because she is your lover and you’ve already had sex already means that you shouldn’t prioritize looking and smelling nice for her.

Make it a point to take regular showers, use deodorant as well as brush and floss your teeth properly every day. A spritz or two of cologne also helps boost your chances of convincing your partner to jump in bed with you.

Apart from improving your confidence levels that can help getting rock hard during sexual arousal much easier, keeping yourself hale and hearty will help you last long in bed, too. Remarkably, your sexual stamina relies greatly on how healthy you are.

You get too excited.

Not holding your horses when you and your lover get frisky in bed can lead to two things. Firstly, you’ll end up rushing things up and she won’t get the sexual pleasure she wants. Secondly, the hormones that the brain releases in your body during lovemaking get on overdrive, making you reach orgasm sooner than you’d like to.

Always remember to take things slow and easy and chances are you will give your partner the sexual satisfaction she’s always wanted every time you get into action. Interestingly, you’re also boosting your chances of making her achieve orgasm while at it.

You do the same things over and over.

Updating your sexual playbook is a must if you’re looking to keep your partner excited for lovemaking. Doing the same techniques again and again not only makes sex predictable and boring, but the chances that she’s going to have an orgasm are also extremely low.

It doesn’t matter if you have a new foreplay move or perhaps a thrusting technique that will surprise your lover. Simply adding something new in your lovemaking checklist is surely going to make her more excited and more pleasured as you go along.

Having a problem convincing her to go down on you? Here are a few useful tips.

Having a problem convincing her to go down on you? Here are a few useful tips.

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are getting oral action from your lover when you two are getting at it in the bedroom is on your sexual checklist.

However, you may now know that convincing her to go down on you when things get steamy between the sheets can be quite tricky. So how about following along to learn a few tips that can help boost your chances of doing so?

Look and smell nice.

Perhaps the first thing you should take care of when it comes to making your partner pleasure you down under is your hygiene. Believe me, she won’t be that eager to stimulate your nether regions if you smell funky or look disheveled.

Aside from ruining her sexual mood almost instantly, the positive hormones that make her feel ready to get down and dirty with you in bed will be replaced with their negative counterparts that only cause her to become anxious, stressed and disgusted.

Do you think she’ll be excited to go down on you when that happens?

Keep her as relaxed as possible.

One thing a lot of men tend to overlook when they’re trying to make their lovers stimulate them orally is the way they ask them to do so. Instead of asking nicely, they end up making their partners feel pressured and rushed to get and oral sex session going.

And when a woman feels that she is rushed into something, especially when it comes to lovemaking, the possibility that she will not be in the mood to get it on with you is very high. One way to pull it off is making her relaxed as possible.

The more relaxed she is, the easier it will be for you to convince her to go down on you because the mood-altering hormones that get released during sexual arousal will be working more efficiently.

Give her oral sex.

If you’re looking to convince her to go down on you, here’s a surefire trick to get the job done: give her a mind-blowing oral sex session when you and your lover get frisky in bed.

Make it a regular in your sexual playbook. And don’t think of it as a burden, too. Give her the notion that you’re enjoying what you’re doing to really encourage her to do the same thing for you.

Looking to really make her scream and shout when you’re pleasuring her orally? Here are some awesome oral sex techniques to keep in mind while you’re at it.

Here are a few reasons why your sexual stamina levels are dipping down...

Here are a few reasons why your sexual stamina levels are dipping down…

So you’re noticing that your sexual stamina isn’t as powerful as it used to when things get steamy in the bedroom…

However, this isn’t the time to reach for pills that claim to boost your sexual stamina up a notch, but can have negative effects to your body sooner or later. You only have to pinpoint the reasons why you’re not as energetic between the sheets nowadays.

And here are a few key factors that can easily sap you of your sexual stamina sooner or later:

You’re smoking and drinking excessively.

Now while there isn’t anything wrong with enjoying your favorite drink at the end of the day, remembering to keep things as moderate as possible is a priority if you’re looking to maintain your sexual stamina.

Overdoing it can easily constrict channels in your body where blood flows like blood vessels, veins and arteries. Apart from making it rather difficult for our body to repair and rejuvenate itself, which can lower your stamina levels when things get steamy in bed, you will also find it tricky to get a stable erection going during sexual arousal.

Although loading up on a reasonable amount of alcohol can actually help improve blood flow, simply getting tanked every time you indulge in it is definitely going to take a toll on your sexual stamina. Remarkably, you should quit smoking as early as now since it doesn’t have any benefits to the body at all.

You’re not exercising regularly.

Sweating it out in a regular basis basically helps you build your body’s energy reserves. Doing it daily for at least 15 minutes easily bolsters not just your stamina, but also conditions your muscles to do their job efficiently when you and your lover get in action in the bedroom.

I’m not saying that you should kick things off by instantly becoming a fitness buff to pull the whole thing off. Having a vigorous walking and jogging regimen should get you on the right track without a fuss.

You’re eating the wrong stuff.

Sure having a bite of your favorite snacks and comfort foods every now and then is perfectly alright, loading up frequently on stuff that are too salty or oily can affect your sexual stamina the least you expect it.

Aside from making sure that you have fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, keep in mind to drink lots of water as well as having fiber a mainstay in your menu like oatmeal and leafy greens.

Now here are a few tips to make oral sex more amazing for her.

Now here are a few tips to make oral sex more amazing for her.

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are you’d like your lover to enjoy the oral sex session you’ll be giving her when you’re at it.

However, you’re noticing that she doesn’t seem to have an awesome time when you get in action between the sheets these days. There’s no need to worry just yet though.

Here are a few simple tips you need to keep in mind to boost your chances of really giving her an amazing oral sex session:

Pay attention to your facial hair.

When it comes to oral sex, keeping a close eye on your facial hair is a priority if you’re looking to really pleasure your lover when you go down on her. Now while sporting a stylish beard or perhaps rocking a mustache is perfectly fine, overdoing it can easily make oral action uncomfortable for her.

Apart from making pleasurable feel more like annoying and uncomfortable, you can’t also stimulate her hot spots properly with all that facial hair in the way. Make sure you regularly trim your beard or mustache properly and you’ll be good to go.

Never go straight to the clitoris.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, immediately zeroing in on the clitoris is not going to be a very pleasurable experience for women. This is because although the clitoris is loaded with sensory nerves, not prepping it up for oral sex can make the whole experience rather uncomfortable.

Instead of going straight for the clitoris, make it a point to pleasure her other erogenous zones first like the nipples, inner thighs, labia and neck. And when she’s asking for her clitoris to be stimulated, that’s your cue to start the action.

Always remember to take it slow and easy when you’re orally pleasuring her clitoris though since it’s very sensitive. Overdoing it can be uncomfortable or even painful for her.

Multi-tasking while giving her oral sex works.

Simply stimulating a woman down under is not a surefire way of really giving her the oral sex satisfaction she wants.

Now while properly pleasuring your lover’s clitoris and vagina with your tongue and lips are surely going to help you kick things off to her oral sex pleasure, stimulating her other erogenous zones while at it will take the whole thing up a notch.

When you’re going down on your partner, make it a point to caress her nipples, run your fingers along her inner thighs or perhaps tickle her a bit. The more sensations she will experience, the more pleasurable your oral sex session will become.