3 Things That Annoy Your Date

Want to boost your chances of acing a first date? Check this out.

Want to boost your chances of acing a first date? Check this out.

If you’re anything like most guys, you probably want to ace a first date when you’ve finally convinced a woman you like to go out with you.

Apart from ensuring that you’ll establish an emotional connection with her, acing a first date is also your ticket to guarantee that you’ll have the chance to go out with her a second time.

However, to pull off just that, you’d have to keep clear of these dating mistakes…

You don’t keep a close eye on your personal hygiene.

Now while this may sound rather simplistic, not paying close attention to your hygiene can easily break your chances of acing a first date no matter how hard you try. Hygiene is a big deal to women and how you look and smell are key factors to pull it off.

Make it a point to really spruce yourself up before your date. Take a meticulous shower. Put on some deodorant. Get rid of excess facial hair. Brush and floss your teeth. Choose an outfit that enhances your features. Have a spritz or two of your favorite cologne or perfume.

Interestingly, looking and smelling great is also a very effective confidence booster, which helps you ace your first date even more.

You check your phone frequently.

During my extensive research into the female psychology, giving a woman all your attention during a first date is very significant if you’re looking to ace the whole thing. And this means not checking your phone, tablet or whatever gadget you may have with you when you’re taking her out.

Not checking your phone minute after minute allows you to be more attentive to what she’s saying during your discussion. Aside from learning a lot of things about your date that you can use to your advantage to dazzle her as you go along, it also helps you build an emotional connection with her easily.

Ditch the status posting and tweeting during your date. If she thinks you’re not paying enough attention to her, your date might end sooner than you’d like and she won’t be going out with you again anytime soon.

You drink too much.

Now while having a drink or two during a first date is perfectly fine, overdoing it will only lead to disaster. Not only will drunkenness make you act rather annoyingly, there is also a chance that you will say something unpleasant in the process.

A couple of beers or perhaps a glass of wine or two during a first date is okay. Guzzling it like there’s no tomorrow is definitely not okay.

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