3 Simple Tips To Make Her Want Sex

Boost your chances of getting your lover in bed with these simple tips...

Boost your chances of getting your lover in bed with these simple tips…

If you’re anything like most men, you probably like to get in action between the sheets as much as you want. However, you seem to have a problem firing up your lover in the bedroom these days…

So if you’re still having a tough time getting things hot in the bedroom with your partner, here are a few simple tips that will surely boost your chances of getting the job done without a fuss:

Prep up your bedroom.

One of the most important factors of getting a woman look forward to lovemaking is relaxation. The more relaxed she is, the easier it is to become sexually aroused when you start making things steamy in bed.

What’s really interesting is a messy bedroom can easily irk your lover and prevent her from getting as relaxed as possible to make her sexually aroused no matter how hard you try. It really doesn’t matter if you’re putting your A-game on the foreplay already.

This simply means that if she thinks your bedroom is icky, chances are she won’t be ready for sex.

Give yourself a makeover.

Now that we’ve got that covered, the next step is to spruce yourself up for your lover. Making it a point to look and smell good is a priority if you want to convince her to get down and dirty with you in the bedroom.

Have regular showers in your daily checklist. Make sure you get rid of excess facial hair that can feel annoying and uncomfortable to your partner. Use deodorant regularly to do away with the funky armpit odor. Spritz on perfume to take things up a notch as well.

In short, make it a habit to look and smell awesome and you’ll find it easier to convince your lover to get frisky with you in bed. You also boost the number of positive hormones in your body while at it, making you more confident and charming in the process.

Send her naughty and sexy messages.

Making a woman sexually aroused is mostly mental. This is why stimulating your lover’s mind is key when it comes to making her want to jump in bed with you. Unless you pull it off, your chances of making her eager for sex are quite slim.

Sending her a naughty text message or an email describing the things you’ll do when you’re alone together is sure to jump start her imagination and make it easier for you to get her going in bed.

(And be sure to keep clear from too much salt in your diet to prevent erectile dysfunction.)

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