Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Is Not Having Orgasms Anymore

Here are a few reasons why your girlfriend isn't having an orgasm anymore during sex...

Here are a few reasons why your girlfriend isn’t having an orgasm anymore during sex…

So you’re noticing that your girlfriend isn’t having orgasms anymore like she used when you get in action between the sheets these days…

If you’re anything like most guys, this issue can be really unpleasant. However, it still can be fixed though. Just make sure you follow along to find out the reasons why she’s not reaching the point of no return when things get hot in bed.

You’re rushing things.

Now while women are as fond of lovemaking as guys, they don’t get as sexually aroused as fast as men. Sure you can get ready for a sex session at the drop of a hat, but your girlfriend can take a longer time to do the same.

This also applies to her ability to reach orgasm. You have to always take it slow and easy to guarantee that she will reach the Big O when the both of you get frisky in the bedroom. And going a Speedy Gonzales on her is just going to ruin her mood in the process as well.

During my extensive research into the female sexuality, I learned that a woman can have an orgasm anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes into the act if you play all your cards right. This means stimulating her erogenous zones properly and varying the intensity and depth of your thrusts while at it.

You’re not making her feel fully relaxed.

Akin to guys, a woman’s sexual arousal is basically the result of a hormonal reaction in her body. And one of the key factors of making this reaction result to an explosive orgasm anytime soon is by sustaining it until she reaches the Big O.

What’s really remarkable is the same positive hormones, namely oxytocin and serotonin, that make her feel relaxed are the same ones that build up an orgasm. If she feels uncomfortable, anxious or worried at some point during your lovemaking session, these hormones will be replaced by their stressful counterparts like adrenaline and cortisol.

These stress hormones don’t just muddle up her sexual arousal, but also make her lose the momentum to reach orgasm in a snap.

You are doing the same things over and over.

Now while I don’t mean any offense, your sexual playbook may be significantly affecting her ability to achieve orgasm.

Sure you may already know the things that take her pleasure between the sheets through the roof, but simply doing them again and again just every time you make love can make them rather boring to your girlfriend sooner or later.

You’ll be very surprised with the results when you start tweaking your lovemaking techniques and adding in a few new moves while you’re at it, too.

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