3 Simple Reasons Why You’re At Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction

Here are a few tips to keep you getting rock hard always...

Here are a few tips to keep you getting rock hard always…

Now while I don’t mean to scare you, there are a few simple things that can easily make you prone to not getting rock hard when you and your lover are preparing for action between the sheets.

So if you’re looking to get a stable erection during sexual arousal each and every time, make sure you keep clear from the following softie syndrome triggers:

Packing a few extra pounds.

At its simplest, being overweight can be a factor when it comes to erectile dysfunction. Sure having love handles and a few chunks of flab here and there may not be that big of a deal to most guys, but weighing more than you should can easily make getting erections quite tricky sooner or later.

Apart from putting you at risk of health issues like obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease, being overweight can also lead to clogged veins and arteries that can restrict the flow of blood needed to achieve a stable erection when you need one.

Being too stressed.

Your brain releases cortisol and adrenaline during stressful situations. Although this is quite normal, having too much of it in the system can already impair significant functions of the body, including getting rock hard when you and your partner get frisky in the bedroom.

And just to make things even more terrible, these stress hormones also disrupt the normal production and release of testosterone in the body. Aside from making you feel distracted and take your mind off getting busy in bed as often as you normally do, low testosterone levels can also cause frequent exhaustion and lethargy.

Just imagine how your lover will feel when she’s ready for some sexy time and you’re simply not feeling it.

Having a penchant for salty and oily foods.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably have pork rinds, potato chips and buttery snacks on your list of favorite stuff to munch on. Although there’s nothing wrong with indulging in them occasionally, making salty and oily foods regulars on your diet can already be harmful to your sex life.

See, too much salt and oil constricts the veins and arteries that send blood to the erectile tissues to get you rock hard. And when this happens, it’s either you will only have a weak erection or none at all. It can even result to atherosclerosis, a type of heart disease that hardens the linings of major blood channels, if not taken care of properly as soon as possible.

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