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So you have a penchant for salty foods...

So you have a penchant for salty foods…

Now while there is nothing wrong with snacking up on your favorite salty foods from time to time, overindulging in the same can easily lead to problems the next time you and your lover get frisky between the sheets.

And if you still find this quite hard to believe, here are a few of the negative effects to your sex life that you can experience if you frequently load up on too much salty foods.

Your blood pressure spikes up.

Although salt does have benefits to our well-being, having excessive levels of it in the body forces the blood pressure to rise up unexpectedly, leading to a health condition called hypertension.

What’s really scary about hypertension is it causes a number of potentially serious illnesses if neglected. Apart from stroke and heart disease, you’re also at risk of developing renal problems sooner or later without even having an inkling that you’re already suffering from them.

And just to make things even worse, having high blood pressure can also delay the body’s ability to have a stable erection going.

The hormones get confused.

Ideally, the hormones that get produced and released during sexual arousal cause the changes needed to prepare you for lovemaking as soon as they are given off. However, having excessive amounts of salt in the body impairs its ability to do the same when things get hot in the bedroom.

Besides making it hard for the system to achieve an erection and maintain it long enough to make sex possible, the hormones won’t also make the male erogenous zones extra sensitive like they are supposed to during sexual arousal.

This just means that you won’t find lovemaking as pleasurable as usual. And that means the same thing for your partner as well.

You won’t feel as relaxed as possible.

Having high blood pressure makes you feel quite anxious, even to the point of having a panic attack. And if you’ve been following my posts on this blog closely, anxiety won’t just make it tough for you to get an erection, but also make you ejaculate sooner than you’d like to.

I’d like to make this very clear though. There is nothing wrong with enjoying salty stuff like bacon, potato chips and similar edibles, but it is also important to keep in mind that making them a mainstay in your diet can lead to issues that can weaken your performance in bed.

Here are a few tips to keep you getting rock hard always...

Here are a few tips to keep you getting rock hard always…

Now while I don’t mean to scare you, there are a few simple things that can easily make you prone to not getting rock hard when you and your lover are preparing for action between the sheets.

So if you’re looking to get a stable erection during sexual arousal each and every time, make sure you keep clear from the following softie syndrome triggers:

Packing a few extra pounds.

At its simplest, being overweight can be a factor when it comes to erectile dysfunction. Sure having love handles and a few chunks of flab here and there may not be that big of a deal to most guys, but weighing more than you should can easily make getting erections quite tricky sooner or later.

Apart from putting you at risk of health issues like obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease, being overweight can also lead to clogged veins and arteries that can restrict the flow of blood needed to achieve a stable erection when you need one.

Being too stressed.

Your brain releases cortisol and adrenaline during stressful situations. Although this is quite normal, having too much of it in the system can already impair significant functions of the body, including getting rock hard when you and your partner get frisky in the bedroom.

And just to make things even more terrible, these stress hormones also disrupt the normal production and release of testosterone in the body. Aside from making you feel distracted and take your mind off getting busy in bed as often as you normally do, low testosterone levels can also cause frequent exhaustion and lethargy.

Just imagine how your lover will feel when she’s ready for some sexy time and you’re simply not feeling it.

Having a penchant for salty and oily foods.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably have pork rinds, potato chips and buttery snacks on your list of favorite stuff to munch on. Although there’s nothing wrong with indulging in them occasionally, making salty and oily foods regulars on your diet can already be harmful to your sex life.

See, too much salt and oil constricts the veins and arteries that send blood to the erectile tissues to get you rock hard. And when this happens, it’s either you will only have a weak erection or none at all. It can even result to atherosclerosis, a type of heart disease that hardens the linings of major blood channels, if not taken care of properly as soon as possible.

So have you masturbated already today?

So have you masturbated already today?

Now while this may sound surprising, you’re definitely missing out on a lot of good stuff if masturbation isn’t on your list of daily activities. I know this sounds a bit surprising right now, but you’ll find out more when you follow along.

Make getting stable erection easier.

The act of pleasuring yourself isn’t just about enjoying sexual satisfaction without your lover. It can also have benefits to your ability to get rock hard when you and your lover are already warming up for some action between the sheets.

Masturbating in a frequent basis helps the channels where blood passes through to get to the erectile tissues in the penis like blood vessels, arteries and veins stay soft and elastic. It can be very difficult for blood to pass through when they clog up or harden.

This simply means you’ll only get a weak erection or you won’t get hard even the slightest at all when this happens.

Last longer during sex.

If you’re anything like most guys, you probably want to extend your bedroom playing time when you and your lover are at it. Instead of reaching for artificial creams and similar products that can possibly make the problem even worse, taking time to masturbate every day can help you pull it off.

See, you can easily train yourself to have a longer lasting power when you masturbate regularly. Think of it as simulated lovemaking with your partner. If you can learn how to make your solo sex sessions longer, chances are you will be able to do the same during the real thing.

Come to think of it. Isn’t that a type of practice that you will really enjoy each and every time?

Keep clear from prostate cancer.

It has already been proved in an Australian study way back in 2003 that masturbation can actually help you stave off prostate cancer, especially during the critical ages between 45 and 60 in which this disease usually strikes.

This is because carcinogens and similar bad elements that can cause cancer sooner or later if allowed to proliferate are also expelled from the male reproductive system every time you ejaculate. Apart from making yourself feel good, you are also keeping your prostate from harm. How’s that for multitasking?

Relieve stress.

Achieving orgasm helps you lower the number of stress hormones in the body like cortisol and adrenaline because the brain replaces them with pleasure-causing ones, such as oxytocin. The former are also proven as key factors in the development of depression.

Feeling stressed with work? A bit under the sun because your car broke down unexpectedly? Well, pleasuring yourself is one activity you can go for. It’s free and always guaranteed to be enjoyable, too.

(By the way, have you had your ideal portion of fiber today?)

So you're not getting an erection as fast as you used to...

So you’re not getting an erection as fast as you used to…

If you’re anything like most men, you probably want to get ready for action between the sheets as soon as you and your lover get frisky in the bedroom.

But the problem is you’re just finding yourself not rising up to the occasion as quickly as you used to these days. There’s no need to worry just yet though. Here are a few reasons why it’s taking longer for you to get rock hard fast…

You don’t exercise regularly.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, sweating it out in a regular basis shouldn’t be exclusive to health buffs. You should have exercise on your daily checklist of activities if you’re looking to keep on getting a stable erection in a snap during sexual arousal.

Apart from helping optimize blood flow that plays a key role in firming up the erectile tissues in the penis, making it a habit to exercise vigorously at least 15 minutes every day also keeps channels like blood vessels, veins and arteries supple and flexible.

When these blood channels lose their elasticity, blood won’t just have difficulty flowing to the parts of the body where it should go. They can also be extremely vulnerable to plaque that can clog them up and even put you at risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke sooner or later if not dealt with properly.

And one of the biggest reasons why blood vessels, veins and arteries lose their elasticity? Lack of exercise.

You drink and smoke too much.

Now while there have been studies that prove moderate use of alcohol can improve heart function and blood circulation in the body, simply guzzling the stuff frequently can lead to negative effects to your sexual performance.

When consumed in excessive amounts, alcohol becomes a vasoconstrictor, which basically means that it will make the blood vessels tighten, significantly affecting the way they allow blood to flow through them.

And if blood doesn’t get to their “destination” when things get hot in the bedroom, chances are you will have a hard time getting an erection or perhaps won’t get one at all.

Smoking causes the same negative effects to the blood vessels as well. Compared to alcohol though, it doesn’t have any health benefits and will only lead to serious health problems in the long run.

You love eating oily and salty foods.

Now while I am not saying that indulging in your favorite salty and oily treats is already bad, keeping in mind to limit your portions moderate and reasonable is a must to keep getting rock hard on demand.

Having excessive levels of fatty oils and salt in the body already makes you very vulnerable to hypertension, a disease that can spike up your blood pressure levels and make achieving erections a challenge.

Plus, these foods also make you feel tired at the least amount of physical exertion, which can ruin your sexual stamina at the same time.