A Few Simple Tips To Keep Your Erections Strong As Ever

Here's one great reason to start exercising today...

Here’s one great reason to start exercising today…

I’ve always been disappointed at the wrong notion that a lot of men believe that erections will inevitably become weaker with age.

This is simply not true and you can easily maintain your ability to get rock hard no matter how old you are.

There’s even a 90-year old man in India that is still having sex at least twice a day and sired children in the process!

Make sure you check out the following simple tips on how you can do just that…

Keep an eye on your sodium intake.

Getting a stable erection during sexual arousal greatly depends on how efficient your body directs blood to the erectile tissues in the penis. If it receives the right amount of blood, it will make a stable erection going almost immediately.

However, getting an erection can be very tricky if the blood flow is disrupted. One of the biggest factors that this happens is having excessive levels in the body, which leads to high blood pressure levels.

Apart from causing cardiovascular issues and stroke, it can also trigger erectile dysfunction in the long run, which can be a very big problem when you and your lover get frisky in the bedroom. When blood pressure levels are sailing, they can actually prevent you from getting rock hard on demand.

Now while there’s nothing wrong with indulging in your favorite salty foods from time to time, just keep in mind to keep things in moderation and you’ll be alright.

Load up on fiber.

Fiber plays a key role in maintaining stable erections because it helps get rid of plaque particles that can block the flow of blood to the erectile tissues in the penis. And it can also cause heart attacks and similar health issues sooner or later if not corrected.

Make sure you get your hands on fiber in a regular basis like oatmeal and avocados to keep fiber levels in your body ideal. Moreover, keep clear of foodstuffs that are extremely greasy to get the best results.

Exercise daily.

Keeping your erections strong means getting your body used to pumping blood all over the body. And nothing beats sweating it out every day to really get your system’s blood pumping abilities up a notch.

It’s up to you what type of exercise you’ll do. You can walk, jog, do push ups, have a few jumping jacks going, skip rope, play badminton or even go biking. As long as you’re doing it consistently for 15 minutes daily, then you’re on the right track.

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