3 Reasons Why Ovulation Makes Sex Hotter And More Pleasurable For Your Lover

Now here are a few reasons why you should get things hot in bed when she's ovulating...

Now here are a few reasons why you should get things hot in bed when she’s ovulating…

Now while you may think that your chances of getting down to business with your lover between the sheets are going to dwindle down when she’s ovulating, it’s actually the other way around.

Sure this may sound crazy, but an ovulating woman can experience sexual pleasure like never before for a very short period of time. Let me explain what I mean…

Ovulation makes the brain release hormones that make her easier to sexually arouse.

So it’s that time of the month for your lover.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably think that you should keep clear of your partner instead of trying to get her into bed. Well, you’re surely going to miss out a lot since this is the time when firing her up for a lovemaking session is going to be very easy.

This is simply because the brain releases increased levels of libido hormones during ovulation.

See, a woman’s body is basically designed to be more receptive to sex when she is ovulating. Apart from being more open to getting things hot in the bedroom, your lover is also going to want to get frisky in bed more often than usual when this happens.

Ovulation makes the female erogenous zones extremely sensitive.

Just when you thought that your lover’s erogenous zones are sensitive, they’ll become even more so when she is ovulating. This is because her nerve endings are designed to be more receptive to stimulation when she is very fertile.

When her uterus receives an egg cell for fertilization, this induces a few changes in her body where one of which is increased sensitivity to her clitoris, breasts, inner thighs and similar sexy spots in her body.

Aside from taking their sensitivity levels up a notch when your partner is ovulating, these erogenous zones will also send her pleasurable sensations with the least stimulation. This simply means you won’t have to work as hard as usual while at it when it’s that time of the month.

Ovulation makes her more sexually adventurous.

When a woman is ovulating, her brain releases an overload of hormones that make her sexually bolder and more open to try new things in the bedroom. This makes her want to experiment more the next time you get frisky with your partner between the sheets.

And this could be the time to go for it if you’re looking to try anal sex or some other stuff on your sexual bucket list.

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