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Boost her sexual arousal with the simple pointers...

Boost her sexual arousal with these simple pointers…

Now while this may sound surprising, there will come a time when even your best moves to sexually arouse your lover won’t be that effective sooner or later.

Sure you may already know the things that get her going between the sheets the most, but not improving a few elements may lead to problems when it comes to her sexual arousal. Make sure you read on to learn a few pointers how to do just that easily.

Give her an adrenaline rush.

According to a study conducted in Nevada, USA, women can have the ability to become intensely sexually aroused faster if they are frequently exposed to activities that get their adrenaline pumping. The researchers found out that the body virtually experiences the same changes during sexual arousal and when going through stress.

The next time you’re looking to get your lover really going in the bedroom, go for exciting activities like roller coaster rides, hiking, playing sports or even watching a horror movie instead of going for the usual dinner date.

Always make it a point to give her a long kiss.

Kissing isn’t just something you should do when you’re planning to make things hot in bed. Passionately grazing your lover’s lips with your own actually plays a very significant role in making women sexually aroused.

Based on scientific studies, kissing helped women feel quite sexy, which is an important attribute if you’re looking to get your partner between the sheets. Kissing also helps your lover’s brain secrete happy hormones called dopamine that speeds up the whole sexual arousal process.

Change up your sexual playbook.

Your lover will find getting sexually aroused a bit tough if she feels that the things you’re doing in the bedroom are already becoming monotonous and dull. You need to change things up as soon as you can to bring back her excitement during lovemaking.

Now while it may sound technical at first, you just need to learn new sexual positions to try, foreplay moves to perform to get her hot and a few extra things that you can do in bed to take her arousal to a whole new level.

Don’t drink too much.

Sure having a drink or two of your favorite brew does have its health benefits, but overdoing it can lead to problems like stroke, hypertension and erectile dysfunction. Consuming too much alcohol will eventually prevent sufficient blood to be channeled to the erectile tissues of your penis. Chances are your lover won’t be that too eager to have sex with you when that happens.

You'll be very surprised how chocolate can boost your sex life.

You’ll be very surprised how chocolate can boost your sex life.

Having a bite or two of chocolate regularly can actually improve your performance in the bedroom. Sure this may sound a bit crazy right now, but it will all add up when you follow along.

Chocolate boosts the body’s ability to produce endorphins.

Scientific studies show that chocolate contains very high amounts of the compound, phenylethylamine (PEA), which helps promote the production and release of mood-altering hormones called endorphins in the brain. Apart from making you feel happier almost instantly, these hormones also affect the mind and body in several other ways.

They can help improve your immune system, speed up the repair of damaged tissues and cells, have analgesic properties and help keep bacteria at bay that can potentially cause illnesses like coughs and colds. Plus, they can also make you find sex more pleasurable and intensify orgasms.

According to laboratory tests, men and women who consumed chocolate frequently found sex to be more enjoyable and experienced stronger sensations when they reached the Big O.

Chocolate improves the flow of blood in the body.

A sufficient amount of blood is needed to get and maintain stable erections to make sexual intercourse possible. And amazingly, there are a number of phytochemicals and flavonoids found in chocolate that can easily help you do just that.

These flavonoids and phytochemicals not only just boost the amount of nitric oxide in the bloodstream to keep blood flow ideal, but also keep the arterial walls as hale and hearty as possible. Moreover, they also help dislodge plaque and other unwanted particles that may have accumulated in them in the process.

Based on scientific research, chocolate has similar effects as anti-hypertensive drugs when consumed moderately every day. This means that while it keeps blood flow optimum, it doesn’t go overboard with the whole thing that it’s already quite dangerous for the body.

Chocolate makes you feel excited and energized.

Aside from its libido-boosting properties and ability to keep blood flow in tip-top shape, chocolate can also give you a heightened sense of sexual excitement, thanks to its high levels of the compound theobromine, which is also found in kola nuts and all types of teas.

Simply having a bite or two of chocolate can easily make you feel ready for action, especially when things get spicy in the bedroom. So if you’re looking to make your next lovemaking session a blast, make sure you have a chocolate bar on hand.

Here’s why drinking wine moderately can also help improve your sex life.

Learn what kind of lubricant to reach for when she isn't getting sufficiently wet down there...

Learn what kind of lubricant to reach for when she isn’t getting sufficiently wet down there…

I don’t mean this to be anything disrespectful, but there will be times when your lover will find it very tough to get sufficiently wet down there when things get hot in the bedroom.

You don’t have to worry even a bit when this happens though. Women are also affected by key factors that can easily disrupt their sexual arousal. These factors commonly include their overall wellness, diet, stress levels as well if they’re going through excessive anxiety or a health issue.

When you need a little help to get things smooth and easy between the sheets, you simply have to reach for a water-based lubricant. Sure there may be other types of lubricant for sexual purposes you can get your hands on, but this one has a bit of advantage due to its unique attributes.

Here are just some of the goodies you’ll get when you go for a water-based lubricant:

It is safer.

The main ingredient of water-based lubricants is…water, which is very natural compared to the materials that make up the silicone-based and oil-based varieties. Besides being smooth on skin, your chances of getting allergic reactions when using water-based lubricants are very low.

Surprisingly, lubricants can often get absorbed by the skin and even get into the bloodstream, so you could be possibly in for a problem or two if your body is rather sensitive to silicone or oil.

It doesn’t make a mess.

Water-based lubricants have a thin consistency and won’t smother your skin and general genital area when you’re using them unlike its silicone-based and oil-based counterparts. It isn’t sticky and doesn’t feel greasy as well. Plus, it doesn’t stain when getting in contact with fabrics.

Washing off a water-based lubricant is also a breeze. You just have to use a liberal amount of soap and water and it will come right off in no time. Unlike other varieties, it won’t leave a tacky feeling to the skin as well.

It is more fun to use.

Water-based lubricants are very versatile and can be used with latex contraceptives and rubber sex toys. Compared to silicone-based and oil-based lubricants, they won’t wear down the material sooner or later.

What’s even more amazing is you don’t have to reapply more lube when you feel that things aren’t as smooth as before during your sex session. You only need to sprinkle a few drops of water (or saliva if you’re extra kinky) and you’re back in business.

Here are a few mistakes that prevent your lover from getting the satisfaction she wants during oral sex...

Here are a few mistakes that prevent your lover from getting the satisfaction she wants during oral sex…

There’s no need to worry just yet if you’re noticing that your lover doesn’t seem to enjoy oral sex anymore when you go down on her. You are just probably making the following mistakes that hinder your partner from really getting off during cunnilingus.

You are skipping right to the vagina and clitoris.

Now while oral sex is pretty much all about stimulating your lover’s genitals, specifically the clitoris and vagina, not warming her up before you get right down to business is definitely a no-no if you’re looking to give her the pleasure she’s always wanted.

Make it a point to start things off with a few foreplay moves to get your partner really going in the bedroom. Stir up her imagination by making her anticipate. Kiss her passionately. Tease her with provocative caresses on her erogenous zones. Give her the notion that she’s about to get the best oral sex that she’ll ever have in a few moments.

You are doing the same things over and over again.

Oral sex is just like having a massage. It can feel fantastic in the beginning, but will surely become dull and boring if you only get the same sensations the whole time. No matter how pleasurable your cunnilingus techniques may be, your lover will just end up not enjoying them like you had in mind if you’re doing them again and again.

Make sure you always stimulate your partner’s genitals using different techniques each time you go down on her. Although there’s nothing wrong with using a few tried and tested ones during cunnilingus, keep in mind to have at least two to three new techniques up your sleeve to really wow her during oral sex.

You are going too fast.

If your lover is anything like most women, she probably likes oral sex to be slow and easy. Now while this may sound surprising, going too fast while at it will only lead to something less than desirable on the part of your partner.

Aside from preventing her from getting all the pleasure she wants during cunnilingus, going too fast will also make your lover feel that you’re rushing her so you can skip to the sexual penetration part…which can easily ruin her mood for lovemaking almost immediately.

Always remember to take it slow and easy so your lover will get all the pleasure she wants while ensuring that she’ll also become well lubricated for the next part of your sex session.